Replace Factory Farm Food System With Sustainable and Humane System. Rayko, music composer

By Catherine | 04/04/2022 |

Music composer, Rayko, (“Until We Meet Again,” The Man In the High Castle) is actively involved in lobbying efforts to pass California Assembly Bill 2764. This Bill will stop all new factory farms from being built. Factory farms or industrial livestock productions maximize agribusiness profits at the expense of animals, the environment, social justice, and public health. Rayko shares philosophies, data and why it’s time to replace our factory farm food system with something sustainable and humane.

Saving the Orangutan from Extinction. Leif Cocks

By Catherine | 03/28/2022 |

Biologist Leif Cocks began observing and interacting with animals as a zookeeper with the Perth Zoo. Today he studies and interacts with orangutans in the wild within their own habitat. Adventure with Leif on a journey of his research and saving the critically endangered orangutan.

Climate Change. Human Caused Global Warming. Inspiration Monday Guest Menagerie!

By Catherine | 03/21/2022 |

This Inspiration Monday episode is inspired by Your Positive Imprint oceanographers, enviro capitalists, and climate change scientists.  Climate change is rapid and it is human caused global warming.  A planet in a state of urgency. Guests: Helen Phillips, Nathan Bindoff, Josh Willis, Inna Braverman, Mike Silvestrini, Terry Lilley, Andrew Bracken, Ray Schmitt, Kurt Polzin

Who’s Liable for the Cleanup Caused by Climate Change? Taxpayers? Marine Biologist Terry Lilley

By Catherine | 03/07/2022 |

Beaches are eroding. Trade winds are changing. Coastal properties are falling into the ocean, most recently in Hawai’i on the island of O’ahu. Oceans are public property so who is liable for the clean-up caused by climate change? Climate change is already affecting tax payers. Marine biologist Terry Lilley provides information regarding coastal homes in Hawaii.

Refurbishing Vintage Danish Furniture Honors the Carpenters Who Built It.  Lars Noah Balderskilde and David Singh

By Catherine | 02/28/2022 |

During this pandemic consumers have seen the human costs of what it takes to keep factories open. There’s a price for the fast world we live in. Lars Noah Balderskilde and David Singh refurbish vintage Danish furniture. It’s about values, sustainability, and honoring the workers who built the furniture by hand.

A New Life for Refurbished Danish Vintage Furniture. Lars Noah Balderskilde & David Singh

By Catherine | 02/21/2022 |

Ahoy! Vintage Danish furniture takes a voyage across the Atlantic. Lars Noah Balderskilde and his husband David Singh are concerned about the world’s landfill problems. Shifting away from the throw away society they refurbish and resell discarded mid-century Danish furniture. But they go BEYOND refurbishing and reselling. It’s about Hygge, second chances and changing the world one table at a time.

Scuba Diver Marine Biologist Electrocuted Underwater. Terry Lilley

By Catherine | 02/14/2022 |

While conducting underwater studies of electromagnetic discharge into the coral reef from a nearby ship, marine biologist Terry Lilley almost lost his life. There should be no electromagnetic energy naturally underwater on a coral reef. Terry describes his experience and how his accident just might have saved the very same coral reef he was studying. After the accident Terry continued with his path in life as a marine biologist and educator.

Electromagnetic Energy is Killing Hawai’i Coral Reefs. Marine Biologist Terry Lilley

By Catherine | 02/07/2022 |

Where is electromagnetic energy coming from that’s killing the reef? Marine biologist Terry Lilley shares his ocean studies of coral reefs globally, especially off the shores of Hawai’i – the islands of Kaua’i and O’ahu. Why are some reefs living while others are struggling, even dying?

Right To Repair and Sustainability. Leanne Wiseman, Karen and Dan Ellis

By Catherine | 01/31/2022 |

As a consumer, how do sustainable products and the right to repair affect you? Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their product has a reasonable life span and designed in a way that enables consumers to get it repaired and continue using it. Prof. Leanne Wiseman from University of Griffith, Australia, explains the legal and regulatory responses to the international right to repair movement while Kaz and Dan of “Mend It Australia” share their roles in the international movement.

Invest in Renewable Energy. Fight Climate Change. Mike Silvestrini of Energea

By Catherine | 01/24/2022 |

Renewable energy global enviro-capitalist Mike Silvestrini provides a business perspective on renewable energy worldwide. Fight climate change. Invest in and accelerate renewable energy so that we can turn off the carbon emitting, fossil burning infrastructure that we currently rely on.