Education. A paradigm shift – Parent Empowerment with Punam Saxena

By Catherine | 05/17/2021 |

Education is a never ending platform of agendas and disagreements of how to instruct students within schools. But where do parents fit in? With a background in special education Punam Saxena found that all parents need a better understanding of the academic needs of their child. A paradigm shift is needed in education. This shift is to empower parents to become partners in their child’s instructional development.

Reflections of Family Togetherness, Victoria Sanchez

By Catherine | 05/10/2021 |

As host of this podcast it is so thrilling to have my mom share her positive imprints on the show which are our family values. My mom, Victoria Sanchez, reflects on family togetherness and the values that have kept us together.

Leaders Should Get It Right Instead of Trying To Be Right. Dr. Michael Gerharz, Leaders Light The Path

By Catherine | 05/03/2021 |

Why does anybody have to be right? Why can’t humanity just get it right instead? We are all leaders during different times and various occasions throughout our lives trying to incite action whether in a home setting or outside of the home. We don’t have the answers to most of humanity’s questions so what is our message? Dr. Michael Gerharz, executive coach, is changing the world with words and actions.

What Is Your Reality?

By Catherine | 04/26/2021 |

What is your reality? Our realities change throughout life. People are rising to the challenge.

Saving Africa’s Honey Bees. Sustainable Beekeeper Mmabatho Portia Morudi

By Catherine | 04/19/2021 |

Mmabatho Portia Morudi is a sustainable honey farmer in South Africa. She creates spaces for honey bees to thrive and survive in Africa’s forests. Africa’s forests are being burned which destroys habitat. Insecticides and pesticides used in agriculture devastate the honey bee population and other wildlife. Known as ‘The Change Maker’ Portia provides an alternative and solutions for villagers to stop these practices. Her positive imprints are saving the honey bees, village crops, Africa’s forests, and remarkably, elephants.
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Twin Peaks Actor With Huge Positive Imprints. Christophe Zajac-Denek

By Catherine | 04/05/2021 |

Twin Peaks ‘Ike the Spike’ actor, Christophe Zajac-Denek thrives to entertain. He lives life fully but he doesn’t take his mobility for granted. Through his experiences he has incredible stories to tell and when he tells his stories people stare. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. Christophe also educates through his own podcast about the lives of little people. Look beyond his physicality and into his heart, mind, and positive imprints.

This podcast is also available as a video on YouTube.
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Iditarod Musher Mary Shields and Sled Dog Trainer Kine Leines Skår, Together

By Catherine | 03/29/2021 |

Two female athletes from two different generations meet together to share their tales of sled dog mushing, training and racing. Meet Mary Shields of Alaska and Kine Leines Skår of Norway. Mary is the first woman to complete the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska. Kine trains dogs for recreational sled dog teams as well as for professional sled dog races. From two different eras these inspiring women share their perspectives of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and other races and also share their positive imprints. Both ladies are advocates for humane animal training. Joining in on the conversation for this LIVE show is co-host Brad Sedillo. This show is a direct recording from the LIVE show on March 27.

Fitness Trainer Kila Duncan – Get in Shape with Strength Training

By Catherine | 03/15/2021 |

Keep your heart rate moving and grooving!! Get in Shape. Purely You, Purely Strong.Even at twenty-eight, fitness trainer and power lifter Kila Duncan has battled with her body. She hasn’t always loved it. Describing herself as a stress-eater she says that the bodies we are in have technically survived incredible events. As a trainer she is realistic with…

Mary Shields, First Woman to Complete the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

By Catherine | 03/08/2021 |

Mary Shields is the first woman to complete the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Ignoring shouts from some spectators that SHE would never make it, Mary mushed on finishing at a respectable 22nd out of 49 racers. Hear her tales of her life in Alaska. Join in on the laughter as you listen to “tails of the trail”…

Honey Bees in Norway with Andy Friedrichs

By Catherine | 03/01/2021 |

Beekeeper Andy Friedrichs introduced beehives in the deep mystic forest of Norway beating the odds for raising honey bees in this specific area. Honey bees are essential insects responsible for pollinating most of the world’s fruits and vegetables. He advocates for the preservation and safety of our planet’s honey bees. When not tending to the bees he is the general manager of the Kleivstua Hotell.