Earth’s Changing Oceans. Physical Oceanographer Nathan Bindoff

By Catherine | 06/13/2022 |

Professor Nathan Bindoff is a world renown physical oceanographer at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. His research takes him on voyages of discovery. Nathan documented the first evidence of changes in the Indian, North Pacific, South Pacific and Southern Oceans, and the earth’s hydrological cycle from ocean salinity. He predicted fire catastrophes. His most recent work is studying the decline in oxygen content of the oceans. All of these global climate changes have been attributed to human activity. Nathan Bindoff is one of the lead authors contributing to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that are informing world leaders on climate policy.

Singing Jet Pilot War Vet, Milton Herman, Part 2

By Catherine | 06/06/2022 |

“We’re risk takers so there’s an anxiety. You know what you’re training for.” Milton Herman is a career Air Force pilot, consequently a war vet. In part 2 he shares his positive imprints as a singing pilot. Singing and performing inspired him with positivity during war time.

Milton Herman. Air Force Pilot Instructor Memoirs.

By Catherine | 05/30/2022 |

Our elders are part of our history and Milton Herman is part of that history. He lived through the Great Depression and several wars. He is a a career Air Force pilot instructor.  He says, “we’re risk takers so there’s an anxiety. You know what you’re training for.” Also Victoria Sanchez shares a WWII Memorial Day remembrance.

Enter to Win! Win! Win! Win!

By Catherine | 05/23/2022 |

This week Your Positive Imprint is having a drawing for any item in the store. You can enter! It’s so easy. Listen to the episode for details. Good luck!!

Starlight Ranch Animal Rescue. Podiatrist Dr. Stephanie Parks

By Catherine | 05/16/2022 |

Podiatrist Dr. Stephanie Parks, her husband and four children are involved in animal rescue. Stephanie believes that their children are not only rescuing animals from bad situations but through their actions they are learning about respect and relationships in the process. Animal interactions can mirror our relationships with humans. If we’re able to look at their body language and respect what they’re telling us, then that can translate into human connections like consent and establishing ground rules. There’s so much you can do with your actions and the way you live your life.

Industrial Chemist Victoria Sanchez. A Woman Ahead of Her Time. A Mother’s Day Story

By Catherine | 05/02/2022 |

Victoria Sánchez is an industrial chemist, a scientist in the day when they didn’t have their conscience raised because there was no legislation protecting women. A woman ahead of her time with regard to women’s rights. Victoria reflects on her philosophies, accomplishments, legacy and motherhood. A woman of integrity. She will pass this way but once and if there is any good she can do she will do it.

Climate Crisis. Right to Repair Mandates In France. Jean-Paul Ventere

By Catherine | 04/25/2022 |

Jean-Paul Ventère shares his government role in France’s repairability index and the Right To Repair mandates in France. Jean-Paul was responsible for the labeling of eco products and their life cycle assessments. Today France leads the way in the promotion of repairability, which in turn contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Legislation in France mandates companies to display information to consumers, thus paving the way so that they can choose repairable, reliable and more robust products. Jean-Paul shares the right to repair legislation in France and his role in moving eco-design forward.

Social Media Marketer Provides Humanitarian Aid. Daphne Gariety

By Catherine | 04/18/2022 |

Eighteen year old Daphne Gariety is a social media marketer and vocal artist who recently provided humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe. Daphne learned the trade of laying mortar and other construction skills to assist in the building of a medical clinic. This clinic will serve over 100,000 Zimbabweans. The experience solidified her next steps of inspiring others and continuing serving where she is needed and able.

Saving Orangutans. Leif Cocks, Part 2

By Catherine | 04/11/2022 |

Saving the life of an individual orangutan is a lifetime positive achievement of immeasurable value. Biologist Leif Cocks began observing and interacting with orangutans as a zookeeper with the Perth Zoo. Today he studies and interrelates with orangutans in the wild within their own habitat in the rainforest.  Journey with Leif as he recounts his own actions of saving orangutans back into the wild.

Replace Factory Farm Food System With Sustainable and Humane System. Rayko, music composer

By Catherine | 04/04/2022 |

Music composer, Rayko, (“Until We Meet Again,” The Man In the High Castle) is actively involved in lobbying efforts to pass California Assembly Bill 2764. This Bill will stop all new factory farms from being built. Factory farms or industrial livestock productions maximize agribusiness profits at the expense of animals, the environment, social justice, and public health. Rayko shares philosophies, data and why it’s time to replace our factory farm food system with something sustainable and humane.