The Musician, Chris Nole

CatherineI met Chris Nole in 1997.  Through the years she's used his music for many activities including environmental days, school projects, dance routines, and much more.

She's excited to share Chris Nole's music with you.           For Catherine, Chris Nole's name to fame is his own compositions especially Gumbolaya, Lay Across My Piano, Laramie Waltz, Far and Wide, Hambone Boogie.  His talent reaches across the genre spectrum with jazz, soul, reflective melodies and more.  Catherine is thrilled that he has given permission to use his fabulous music here on Your Positive Imprint podcast.

Catherine admires Chris for the compositions that entertain her. Perhaps you also know him through his musical associations as John Denver's pianist in the 1990s; or his tours and recordings with Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, the Oak Ridge Boys, Don Williams, Shelby Lynne, Emmylou Harris, and others.

"Chris describes his extensive career as a quest for music that makes you feel good 'when rhythms, sounds, melodies and stories all come together to create magic.'"

Well, his magic has many mesmerized.

Please visit Chris Nole's site where you can learn more about his long career.  You can also listen or order music at his site as well.

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The Voice Male, Rick Huff

Catherine's good friend Rick Huff is The Voice Male.  For over 40 years his voice has been on radio, TV, live stage, and everywhere!!  He has produced radio and TV commercials.  He’s been a TV host and has done deejay work.  His jingles are memorable and his cartoon voices a hoot.  He also does voice imitations, with Bob Dylan’s being a favorite.  He’s had his own production studio since 1978 and he shares his studio with feral cats that he and his long time companion, Mary, have adopted, and spayed or neutered.

He’s been involved in Western music since 1983 and in 1986 he created, with Western Music Hall-of-Famer Hi Busse, the radio featurette "Song and Story.  Rick subsequently released two albums of Hi Busse & The Frontiersmen material.  Rick has co-produced CDs for Sons of the Rio Grande and Jim Jones.

In 1999 he and Sidekick Productions' Mary Ryland formed Frontiersmen 2 to co-produce their radio show The Best of the West Revue and its publicationThe Best of the West Digest.  In 2004 they released a double CD set, The Best of New Mexico Western: Big Surprises From Behind the Chile Curtain! and are currently working on Volume II.

Rick’s friendship has been a wonderful blessing but also tons of fun as host, Catherine has been able to venture along with him and witness his successes.

Catherine is honored that Rick introduces this podcast, Your Positive Imprint.  

What a voice!!

Click on the link above to read some of Rick's Cowboy poetry reviews.

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The Artist, Matt Thorson

Matt Thorson began drawing when he was a young child.  He liked mimicking what he saw but using the strokes of a pencil.  Today the spark of a moment makes him feel a certain way and those moments are at night.  In the night all things come alive beneath the neon golden lights.

Matt likes to look for interesting expressions like on a musician's face at night.  He doesn't do photo realism but a more impressionist style.  He says, "there's a reason for something to be captured in a painting and not a photograph alone."

Catherine met with Matt and explained her vision for Your Positive Imprint.  With strokes of his brush he created a phenomenal logo adding his own creative touches.

Your positive imprint is inside the earth depicting a connection humanity has with the earth.  The imprint denotes no nationality or race.  It is simply your positive imprint.

He brought the logo to life.

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The Photographer, Sarah Lanier

Catherine loves photography and some of the photos on the website are hers while others are photos taken by Sarah Lanier.

Sarah Lanier has her roots in both the sciences and the arts. She received her degree in microbiology from the University of Idaho and received her MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University.

Catherine is able to enjoy opportunities to travel with Sarah and assist her with her photo and documentary endeavors.  She does her research on the subject and then with a creative eye and perfect lighting she gets amazing results.  Sarah's projects are on a set schedule and a low budget but she remains humorous and positive.

From serving as the video producer of TedXBozeman, to giving workshops at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Sarah has been kept quite busy with her various projects. In the summer of 2016, she was chosen as a panelist chair for Visible Evidence XXIII, an international documentary theory conference, and was honored to be selected as one of 14 Fellows for the 2016 Science Media Awards and Summit in the Hub presented by Jackson Hole WILD and WBGH, chosen from almost 300 international applicants.

In 2020 she released a short film documenting the life of king crab researcher Guy Powell.

Sarah Lanier also documented the research from an IMAS-led voyage on the Marine National Facility research vessel Investigator that sailed from Hobart down by Tasmania, with scientists aiming to solve a Southern Ocean puzzle with important ramifications for the global climate.

Catherine interviewed the lead researcher on that excursion.  That episode may be heard by clicking this link:

Also on that research vessel was Nathan Bindoff.  Nathan Bindoff and his team were the first to discover that the glaciers in Antarctica were melting from the underside and not necessarily just from the top that is exposed.  That episode may be heard by clicking this link:

Sarah loves the outdoors and especially snorkeling.  She hopes to add underwater equipment to her menagerie of gear.  When that happens, Catherine will be the first in line to assist her on her underwater journey.

Sarah is busy shooting positive imprints all over the world!!

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