Invest in Renewable Energy. Fight Climate Change. Mike Silvestrini of Energea

By Catherine | 01/24/2022 |

Renewable energy global enviro-capitalist Mike Silvestrini provides a business perspective on renewable energy worldwide. Fight climate change. Invest in and accelerate renewable energy so that we can turn off the carbon emitting, fossil burning infrastructure that we currently rely on. 

Protecting and Preserving Wildlife in East Africa. Mike Silvestrini of Big Life Foundation

By Catherine | 01/17/2022 |

Is mitigation between humans and wildlife enough to preserve habitats, elephants, rhinos, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and other African wildlife on the Massai land culture? Conservationist Mike Silvestrini of Big Life Foundation shares critical conservation efforts for 1.6 million acres of Africa’s remaining natural habitat and wildlife migration corridor in Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem.

(Photos: Art Tower, Theuns, LeeShyPooh, Gærtringen.)

Saving Endangered Reptiles Through Captive Breeding. Terry Lilley

By Catherine | 01/10/2022 |

Can endangered reptile species be saved through captive breeding? Biologist Terry Lilley began one of the first captive breeding and release programs for reptiles in the world. Today many of those species are reaching a more sustainable population in the wild. The USA’s Endangered Species Act outlined how Terry approached his work.

From Christmas Lord of Misrule to Modern Day Santa Claus, Ernie Boxall

By Catherine | 12/24/2021 |

Tudor World is a 16th Century living history museum located in the town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Ernie Boxall, AKA Santa Claus, shares the Lord of Misrule of the past, to the modern day Santa Claus. The Abbot of Unreason, or Lord of Misrule, arranged Christmas joy, presents but also drunkenness and wild parties. Today, Santa Claus brings joy around the world with his smile, laughter, and presents.

Marine Life Documentary Filmmaker Terry Lilley IS Everything Wild

By Catherine | 12/20/2021 |

Terry Lilley IS everything wild. As a biologist, endangered species manager, cinematographer, diver, activist, and wildlife advocate, Terry reflects philosophically about the interconnections of humans, animals, and nature.

African Painted Dog – Carnivore Zookeeper Casey Taylor

By Catherine | 12/13/2021 |

A zookeeper’s story: Carnivore zookeeper Casey Taylor of Albuquerque Bio Park shares information on African Painted Dogs, shigella virus, primates, wolves and more.

My Dog Has Inflamed Bowel Disease.

By Catherine | 12/06/2021 |

My dog has inflamed bowel disease and she had a bout of it over the weekend.

Glioblastoma. Stay Positive. Stay Hopeful. Gaelin and Christian DeVisser

By Catherine | 11/29/2021 |

How do you deal with your reality? Where do you pull your inspiration from? This is a journey of inspiration and positive imprints with Gaelin DeVisser, a mother, and Christian, her son, who at 19 was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a brain tumor. The two share how they remain positive and hopeful. 

Thanksgiving Thank You Message From the Podcast Host

By Catherine | 11/22/2021 |

Your Positive Imprint host shares a thank you message to listeners and guests.

Raised Gardens and Composting For Sustainability. Amy Grisak

By Catherine | 11/15/2021 |

Grow your food and become sustainable. Amy Grisak explains how to build and maintain raised gardens. Raised gardens and compost have numerous sustainability benefits including improved soil conditions. What’s in your garden?