Mumbai, a city of dreams. Mine came true. Ghulam Jilani Quadri

Mumbai, India is a place of dreams. Ghulam Jilani Quadri found his.

Who am I? Why I started a podcast.

After losing her father Catherine started a podcast. She shares her upbringing and philosophies in an interview inspired by questions from her listeners.

Special Needs Adults Assemble Your Office Products. Business With A Heart. Stride, Inc.

Special Needs Adults Find Equal Employment With Stride, Inc.
After dealing with tragedy and loss, this family chose to improve the world using their experience to change lives.

Nature Artist Celia Cortez rejected corporate money to honor nature

Artist Celia Cortez moved from corporate America to full-time nature artist to honor the beauty in nature with her successful drawings. There is life and death in nature and she captures both.

It’s huge and it needs to be removed! Sea Monkey Project shares their ocean plastic solutions

It’s huge and it needs to be removed from our oceans.
Sea life is not under water but under the threat of death.
Sea Monkey Project is about cleaning up plastic pollution and providing ocean plastic solutions.
Australia’s fourteen year old Sydney Steenland is seeing the world through her family’s Sea Monkey Project. The family lives on a boat. Her passion is to do what she can to prevent more death and destruction. At only 14 she is finding ocean plastic solutions.
Carlos, Sydney’s dad says, “Our ocean life and other wildlife do not have a choice. They are just stuck with it.” He is an inventor and builder.
Sarah, Sydney’s mom, is a cartoon artist. She creates visual education materials. Indi is 11 years old and sorts plastics for shredding He knows all seven categories of plastic.
Listen to Sydney, Carlos, Sarah, and Indi share their ocean plastic pollution solutions.