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Merchandise!! Rise to the Challenge shirts!

Your Positive Imprint Rise to the Challenge t-shirt campaign runs from February 21-March 04! Order your item now. When you purchase an item I know you will wear it with pride as you consider your own positive imprints as you rise to the challenge.

Birds are Nature’s Music. Casual Birder, Suzy Buttress

Casual Birder Suzy Buttress of the UK shares how you can help the natural world by turning a garden into an oasis for birds and other wildlife. It’s not just about seeing the natural world but also observing the birds and understanding their behavior. Birds are nature’s music. Be silent as you become witness to the drama…

Spinal Cord and the Myelin Sheath. Bob Gould

Bob Gould’s research on the myelin sheath, the nervous system and its communication with our bodies is now being applied in recovery models for spinal injuries and disease. Bob Gould also reflects on his role as researcher and now patient. His life was turned around by a bicycle accident leaving his spinal cord damaged.  The myelin sheath…

Decades of Advocating, Javier Robles Exposes Cracks in the System During COVID-19 for People With Disabilities

Pre-COVID, people with disabilities fight an uphill battle, lead by advocates like Javier Robles. And then COVID-19 hit. How are people with disabilities getting along during the pandemic?  Javier Robles, professor at Rutgers University and a team of advocates expose cracks in the system during COVID-19. What happened to the services they need including medical help,…

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