It’s huge and it needs to be removed! Sea Monkey Project shares their ocean plastic solutions

It’s huge and it needs to be removed from our oceans.
Sea life is not under water but under the threat of death.
Sea Monkey Project is about cleaning up plastic pollution and providing ocean plastic solutions.
Australia’s fourteen year old Sydney Steenland is seeing the world through her family’s Sea Monkey Project. The family lives on a boat. Her passion is to do what she can to prevent more death and destruction. At only 14 she is finding ocean plastic solutions.
Carlos, Sydney’s dad says, “Our ocean life and other wildlife do not have a choice. They are just stuck with it.” He is an inventor and builder.
Sarah, Sydney’s mom, is a cartoon artist. She creates visual education materials. Indi is 11 years old and sorts plastics for shredding He knows all seven categories of plastic.
Listen to Sydney, Carlos, Sarah, and Indi share their ocean plastic pollution solutions.

Oceanographer wins BIG money in rainfall forecasting contest.

Ray Schmitt’s rainfall prediction model was accurate in forecasting the drought that led to southern California wildfires last year. He and his two sons entered a forecasting contest hosted by the US Bureau of Reclamation and the Team Salient won! Ray would like to see his model serve the world in predicting droughts and floods before they happen.
Ray also says that knowing the future availability of water is vital for famers and food security. His research demonstrates the central role of the ocean in the climate system and how essential it is to continue with research and share with government so policies may be legislated.

Weather Flight Delays. Opportunity or Annoyance?

Weather flight delays. Opportunity or annoyance? Fog rolls in and closes the Kodiak, Alaska runway. Stranded commercial airline pilots Doug and Dave share their perspectives. You can’t build your life on past successes. Tomorrow hasn’t yet come. Documentary filmmaker Sarah Lanier joins the conversation sharing a foggy experience.

Tundra Tours – Step outside!! Explore Norway.

“You don’t need to be a full-time adventurer to have a nice experience in the woods. Step outside and see what opportunities are around you.” -Espen Lysø
Experience Norway’s outdoors during this podcast. It features Espen and Kine of Norway along with their tour guide, Bernie of Tundra Tours.
Bernie, once on a mission to enjoy the outdoors on holiday instead found himself as an appointed guide. A guide for free to English speaking travelers into Norway’s outdoors.
The ‘guiding’ experience which was fulfilling left Bernie with only one option. Become one. So he did. Bernie IS Norway’s Tundra Tours.
Join them on their journey into Norway’s outdoors as they canoe down a river, sleep in tree tents and hang out with mosquitoes. Just listen and have fun!!

Shoes for the Masses – Darryl Carnly

There are 300 million children in the world who do not have shoes.. The My 360 Project is changing that through innovation. As far as the shoes go, this non-profit organization does not want to buy the shoes. They want to teach locals around the world how to become sustainable with their own cobbler business. Experts teach people how to build the shoe and then they build them for the My 360 Project. Volunteers deliver the shoes to poor communities around the world. Through community, a seed of hope is planted into the lives of others. This non-profit is about sustainability, community, and economy. With Darryl Carnly, CEO, My 360 Project.