Dogs Cats Turtles Axolotls – kids caring for their pets. Cameron and Connor

By Catherine | 08/28/2023 |

Twelve year old Connor and ten year old Cameron love their pets. They open up about the responsibilities and the joys of living and caring for seven pets.

What should children leave childhood equipped with? Nellie Harden

By Catherine | 07/10/2023 |

What should children leave childhood equipped with? Self-discipline? Confidence? The number 6570 has everything to do with answering this question with guest Nellie Harden.

Constellations and the Circle of Life. Philosophical Teachings

By Catherine | 06/19/2023 |

The constellations are used to teach life lessons and the circle of life. Rozier Sanchez.

I Love My Dog. Your stories about your family dog, cat, bird, turtle, snake, horse, etc.!

By Catherine | 06/12/2023 |

I love my dog Maka! I know you have fun, awesome fabulous stories about your own family pet. Share your stories about your family dog, cat, bird, turtle, snake, horse, etc.!

Compost Your Food Waste. Brad Pedersen of Lomi

By Catherine | 04/22/2023 |

Brad Pedersen of Lomi explains that the missing link to a more sustainable planet is for us to be able to build a compostable clean economy. We need to change the habits that are creating disruption. Take your food waste and turn it into a regenerative soil supplement using Lomi.

Vanity Sanity Reality. Entrepreneur Toy Manufacturer, Lomi Co-founder Brad Pedersen

By Catherine | 04/17/2023 |

Brad Pedersen is a Canadian entrepreneur who generated more than $100 million in annual revenue in his toy manufacturing business. He shares wisdom from wounds and financial gains; all part of his journey to combatting food waste while still reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Lomi composts your food scraps and compostable plastics. Use code YPIpodcast for your Lomi discount.

How To Become A Professional Bird Guide. Boris Belchev of Lithuania

By Catherine | 03/27/2023 |

Boris Belchev left Bulgaria for Lithuania to study birds and work as a professional bird guide. Boris Belchev shares his journey to becoming a global guide for birdwatching.

Boris Belchev, Bird Guide and Wildlife Photographer in Lithuania

By Catherine | 03/20/2023 |

Boris Belchev left Bulgaria to work elsewhere so he could earn enough money to purchase a camera. Today he is one of Lithuania’s bird guides and wildlife photographers. Take a journey with Boris and learn where he earned money to purchase camera equipment and what he learned along the way.

Human Rights and the Dignity of Life

By Catherine | 02/27/2023 |

Inspiration Monday! Inspiring words and quotes regarding human rights and the dignity of life from a menagerie of podcast episode guests.

Misty Compton’s Journey Towards Self-Love

By Catherine | 02/20/2023 |

Author (Escapegoat Daughter) Misty Compton shares her journey of depression, and self-doubt. Finding the support she needed, Misty learned self-love.