Spinal Cord and the Myelin Sheath. Bob Gould

By Catherine | 02/08/2021 |

Bob Gould’s research on the myelin sheath, the nervous system and its communication with our bodies is now being applied in recovery models for spinal injuries and disease. Bob Gould also reflects on his role as researcher and now patient. His life was turned around by a bicycle accident leaving his spinal cord damaged. The myelin sheath is…

Decades of Advocating, Javier Robles Exposes Cracks in the System During COVID-19 for People With Disabilities

By Catherine | 02/01/2021 |

Pre-COVID, people with disabilities fight an uphill battle, lead by advocates like Javier Robles. And then COVID-19 hit. How are people with disabilities getting along during the pandemic?  Javier Robles, professor at Rutgers University and a team of advocates expose cracks in the system during COVID-19. What happened to the services they need including medical help,…

Your Positive Imprint Podcast 2021

By Catherine | 01/25/2021 |

It’s 2021 and I am back with the podcast and new episodes. This episode provides Your Positive Imprint Podcast’s 2021 updates. 

Fr. Ray Kelly, Memoirs of a Singing Priest

By Catherine | 12/28/2020 |

Fr. Ray Kelly humanizes his journey into the priesthood. He had a great Civil Service job and money in his pocket. What inspired him to give it all up? Later in life Fr. would be scouted to audition on Britain’s Got Talent. REM’s song, ‘Everybody Hurts’ was a memorable audition bringing not just the house…

Fr. Ray Kelly Shares His Christmas Message of Hope

By Catherine | 12/23/2020 |

“Everybody Hurts” is a song of hope, love and peace. Fr. Ray Kelly from Ireland sings it with passion and that passion is felt across the globe.  On this special Christmas episode he shares this song as well as his own uplifting Christmas message.  He is the world renown singing priest famous for his “Hallelujah”…

World Citizens Look to 2021 With Hope. Michael Pereira

By Catherine | 12/21/2020 |

We are citizens of the world. This last year is evidence of this. With a little more than two weeks remaining of 2020, the citizens of the world, like you, look to 2021 with aspirations. Michael Pereira of France is rising to the challenge during this COVID pandemic. His attitude and positivity are being felt globally. “The universe can dream…

The Revival of Baking. Merle Powell

By Catherine | 12/14/2020 |

Merle Powell helped students develop baking and home economic skills. She engaged students in the mastery of managing a household from owning a home to raising a family. Baking and making meals is at the heart of her upbringing. Through the years she watched the values of baking dismantled because of demands being made on families. But Merle sees…

My Mom Escaped El Salvador. Tony Escoto

By Catherine | 12/07/2020 |

Roxana Escoto was a teenager when she fled for her life, escaping the death squads during the El Salvador civil unrest in the 1980s. She was a teenager trying to do teenage activities. While attending Mass she witnessed the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. That assassination changed her life forever. In this episode Roxana’s story is recounted…

Ice Preserves Human Remains. Archaeologist Anne M. Jensen

By Catherine | 11/30/2020 |

Anne M. Jensen is an archaeologist. Recently she recovered human remains and artifacts up in Alaska dating back to 1000 AD or earlier. The recovery was quick because of the eroding and melting ice. Our history is melting away. Hear her positive imprints of repatriation.

Advocate Extraordinaire Leaves No One Behind. Kehkashan Basu

By Catherine | 11/23/2020 |

Even after death threats twenty year old Kehkashan Basu makes significant contributions to advocating children’s rights and improving the situation of vulnerable children such as orphans, child laborers and children with HIV/AIDS.  Kehkashan stands strong as she educates children in Syrian refugee camps. She’s a proponent of women’s rights and works towards change in marginalized communities. As…