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The World is Diverse. Embrace It.

When did you really understand diversity? How do you accept and welcome differences? You Tube video available at: Artwork above by Celia Cortez.    

Your Positive Imprint is Shifting Gears

I am going to be launching my show with a new episode every other week through the end of the year 2020. But I will continue to launch an episode every Monday. Plus a t-shirt is finally in the works along with some other goodies. Keep listening every Monday, with new episodes every other Monday starting next…

Alliance of Hope for Suicide Loss Survivors

Ronnie Susan Walker did not know that the fabric of her family would be torn following the suicide of her stepson. Ronnie and her daughter Heather Shadur share their fervent, emotional accounts of losing their family member to suicide.  Journey with both guests as they openly share their thoughts, feelings and grief. Knowing there was a need, Ronnie…

Inna Braverman, Tales of Discovery: Eco Wave Power

Tales of Discovery. Female entrepreneur Inna Braverman almost died as an infant due to the Chernobyl explosion. Today she lives her life changing the world for a better future. Inna shares her company’s innovative technology for producing green electricity using ocean waves. As CEO and entrepreneur, Inna empowers women and men world wide through Ted Talks and other stages.…

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