In Search of Solar Energy Freedom. Bill Nussey

By Catherine | 09/19/2022 |

The world is embarking on one of the most important projects in its history—the transition away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy such as local-Scale solar and batteries. Bill Nussey founded the Freeing Energy Project. It is a mobilization plan to move us towards a cleaner, cheaper, and more resilient local energy future. The electricity industry is being reinvented. Join the search for energy freedom.

Stay Connected and Inspired. Community Manager, Michael Pereira

By Catherine | 08/22/2022 |

Inspiration Monday!! Social media community manager Michael Pereira explains if we choose to learn lessons, then that is how we uplift and shift our lives and the lives of people around us. Transformation is bigger than change. Stay connected and inspired!

S. L. Aditya – Fashion, Art, Rangoli, Caste Systems, and More.

By Catherine | 08/15/2022 |

S. L. Aditya opens up about discrimination based on India’s Caste system. He also explains the art of Rangoli. He’s committed to making a difference through design. Fashion is the most instant way to express oneself.

The Art of Digital Graphic Design – S. L. Aditya

By Catherine | 08/08/2022 |

A design fashioner creates for the people. Fashion accessories don’t have a gender. Nineteen year old digital graphic designer S. L. Aditya shares the expression of his winning entry as well as the misconception of designers in India.

Podcast Social Media Graphics Specialist Bids Farewell. Daphne Gariety

By Catherine | 08/01/2022 |

What does the “Your Positive Imprint” podcast social media graphics specialist do? Daphne Gariety shares her YPI insights.

Demystifying Latin American Immigrants. Sergio Troncoso – Author

By Catherine | 07/18/2022 |

In part 2, Sergio Troncoso explores answers to his question, What is the basis of morality within your community? Sergio’s characters from his most recent book, “Nobody’s Pilgrims,” work at building their own community, discovering that because they are different they are set aside by society when they actually have much to contribute. This novel is not a beach read. It addresses societal issues through adventures; some violent, some not as much. The drug trade is not about Latin American immigrants. It’s about criminals making money off of contraband. This kid from the border, now renown international author Sergio Troncoso demystifies, What is a Mexican immigrant?

Immigrant Values Brought Over Are Important To The Success Of This Country. Author Sergio Troncoso on Immigration

By Catherine | 07/11/2022 |

International renown author, Sergio Troncoso, is the son of Mexican immigrants. Raised by parents who had little money, they instilled hard-working values into Sergio. Through hard work he was accepted into Yale and Harvard universities. At first he had a hard time because of his Mexican background, but his voice became prominent and accepted. Sergio questions the basis of morality both in his fiction and non-fiction works, realizing that immigrant values are important to the success of this country. Plus the winner of the t-shirt design contest is announced!!

Vote!! T-Shirt Design Contest

By Catherine | 07/05/2022 |

Designers from all over the world entered the Your Positive Imprint t-shirt design contest. The top five are displayed and ready for your vote. Copy and paste this link and vote! Please participate in the voting and show these designers your appreciation. World-wide voting ends Saturday, July 9, at midnight USA Mountain time. The winner and more about the designers will be announced during the upcoming episode on July 11.

Alternative Rock Musicians and Climate Change Scientists Matt Palmer and Niall Robinson Bring Science to the Music Stage

By Catherine | 06/27/2022 |

Alternative Rock musicians and climate change scientists bring science to the Alternative Rock stage. Vocalist/Guitarist Matt Palmer and drummer Niall Robinson compose music exploring causality of sea-level rise, political propaganda, and human relationships. They are the Matt Palmer Band.

Using Navigation, Storytelling, Constellations and Critical Thinking to Journey Through Life. Rozier Sanchez

By Catherine | 06/20/2022 |

Jerry the Bear was Dad’s imagination. His imaginative bear was used to weave lessons through storytelling. My teachings began when Jerry was born in a cave and started living his adventures. Later Dad turned to philosophical lessons using navigation and constellations to teach the circle of life. Happy Father’s Day week to everybody especially my Dad, Rozier Sanchez. PLUS A TSHIRT DESIGN CONTEST! LISTEN FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO ENTER AND WIN!