Guide to the Natural World. Amy Grisak (Yellowstone, Waterton, Glacier National Parks and more)

By Catherine | 11/08/2021 |

Stay in touch with the natural world. Freelance author and photographer, Amy Grisak, helps to understand the outback in Waterton Lakes, Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and BEYOND. Everything nature!

Stay Alive Suicide Prevention and Meditation Music Composers, Frank Kilpatrick and Rayko

By Catherine | 11/01/2021 |

Why does music bring on certain emotions? Is it the beat? Instruments? Memories? Fantasies? Words? Rayko and Frank Kilpatrick create a mood through their music. Their compositions are a path to relaxation and meditation. As suicide prevention advocates Frank co-produced and Rayko appeared in the Stay Alive documentary for the purpose of helping those to find their way out of despair. Sometimes the questions are more important than the answers.

The Right To Repair. Inspiration Monday!

By Catherine | 10/25/2021 |

Inspiration Monday! We are in a state of learned helplessness with our evolving throw-away society. When something breaks and needs repair, manufacturers often require us to pay exorbitant prices. There’s a reason for that. Stand up and fight for your right to repair. It is unsustainable for the earth for us to continue throwing things away when there are alternatives. Get inspired with The Right to Repair and Repair Cafe.

Return to the Repair Cafe with Jackie Carter

By Catherine | 10/18/2021 |

The common mindset is to throw it away if it doesn’t work. That causes problems for the environment as this practice is unsustainable for the earth. Sustainability of your belongings and of the earth is exceedingly necessary. Repair Cafe is interactive and anybody anywhere in the world can start one. Jackie Carter explains how it works. Repair Cafe. Fix it. Don’t throw it away.

Climate Change OMG with Josh Willis of NASA

By Catherine | 10/04/2021 |

Climate change is a massive shift of our planet. Our civilization is built on the climate we’ve had for thousands of years. Principal Investigator Josh Willis of Nasa’s Ocean’s Melting Greenland (OMG) shares his studies and research measuring the oceans and ice and how they change over time.

From Anxiety to Purpose. Freelance Writer Misty Compton

By Catherine | 09/27/2021 |

Misty Compton left the criminal justice field to express herself through writing. She’s a freelance writer who also runs a TikTok channel for anybody, but especially for those who are feeling vulnerable or who are living with anxiety. Misty says to be true to yourself and be authentic. Today she provides positivity, worldwide.

Justice for Nature in Costa Rica with Alena Bendová

By Catherine | 09/20/2021 |

For over thirty years Costa Rica has preserved and conserved their natural lands, resources, and wildlife resulting in a healthy ecosystem. Nature is valuable but its status is fragile and threatened even in Costa Rica. Species like the jaguar are at risk. Justice for Nature with Alena Bendová

Saving The Sumatran Tiger with Alena Bendová

By Catherine | 09/13/2021 |

We cannot turn back time but we can move forward with conservation and preservation. Alena Bendová is from Czech Republic where her work with Justice for Nature is rooted. One of her main projects is saving the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia. Due to the pandemic, conservation efforts are becoming more difficult for wildlife.

Sports Medicine To Paintbrush. The Art of Retirement. Dr. Bob Parks

By Catherine | 08/30/2021 |

Opportunities abound! Fill your life with action and endeavor! Dr. Bob Parks transitioned from his precision and accuracy of sports medicine to creative art using a paintbrush. This talented and professional artist started with zero experience and is now legendary! How did he do it? For Bob it’s the art of retirement.

Evolution of Sports Medicine and Podiatry. Dr. Bob Parks

By Catherine | 08/23/2021 |

Sports medicine and podiatry are two medical practices that have evolved in a very short time. Only decades really. Bob Parks was on the initial groundwork of lower extremity sports medicine. As a podiatrist he was part of the research and discovery in treating sports injuries, but also shared input for modifications being made to running shoes. A legend of biomechanics in his own time.