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Your Positive Imprint Podcast

DEADLINE IS JULY 15!  Pets provide a never ending abundance of positive imprints.  Share your pet's positive imprints on the show.  Go to my Blog to learn how.   Click here to share your pet's positive imprints     Deadline is July 15!!  Your positive imprint.  What’s your pet’s PI?


Exceptional people rise to the challenge.

Stories are everywhere.  People are everywhere.  

Your Positive Imprint  is real life...true stories.  

Catherine, your podcast host, finds people from around the world whose positive achievements are inspiring positive actions.   

Making positive imprints can be challenging, easy, exciting, and sometimes life-threatening.  

People every day are inspiring others with their positive thoughts and actions.  

Listen to their stories at Your Positive Imprint.

What’s YOUR P.I.?


"Catherine is a great conversationalist; the perfect person to discover and share the extraordinary contributions of ordinary people."

Kristen McKinnis, USA Pennsylvania

"Catherine's always finding good everywhere.  I think it's great that Catherine is sharing stories of so many inspiring ways of being in the world.  Her positive imprint is going to spread!"  

Maria Stevens, New Mexico, USA

A Video Message from host, Catherine. Plus see some of the faces of the many Positive Imprints

Most Recent Podcast Episodes

What is YOUR Pet’s Positive Imprint?

By Catherine | June 29, 2020

What is it about our pets that they are able to teach us about love, trust, honor? Pets provide a never ending abundance of positive imprints.  My pets have added positive imprints that inspire me.  I’d love to hear about your pet and how you are inspired by them through their positive imprints.  Listen to…

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Christopher Marciano Creates Positive Change through Songwriting

By Catherine | June 22, 2020

Rhythm and blues pop singer and songwriter Christopher Marciano inspires the world to reach out to others.  Through his emotional lyrics he brings topics to the forefront that need to be discussed.  His life experiences are shared through song making universal life changes .  As an educator he uses songwriting to teach the students about…

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Plastic-Free Seas, The Sea Monkey Project

By Catherine | June 15, 2020

Fifteen year old Sydney Steenland is founder of The Sea Monkey Project.   The Sea Monkey Project is the ocean sailing family of four living and schooling on a 41 foot Morgan Out Island monohull yacht.  (Carlos, Sarah, Sydney, Indi)  This family is recycling plastic ocean waste and upcycling sails and fishing nets to make…

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Anti-aging Expert Dr. Laurena Law, Hong Kong

By Catherine | June 8, 2020

Dr. Laurena Law was born in Myanmar in Rangoon.  Her parents are Burmese Chinese, Japanese origin. They were second generation Chinese born in Burma, and in 1978 they migrated to Hong Kong. Ten years later they migrated to Australia.    Laurena considers herself to be a bit of a nomad.  She started schooling in Hong…

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Launch day is every Monday!

O que mais me agrada e me faz ser sua amiga, Catarina, é a maneira como você vê o mundo, como se fosse uma extensão do seu quintal. Você tem vontade de abraçar a todos e sua alegria, sinceridade e amor me cativaram.  

Translation:  What I like the most about being your friend, Catherine, is the way you see the world, as an extension of your backyard. You feel like hugging everyone and your happiness, truth and love captivated me for life.

Dagmar de Morais
São Paulo, Brasil

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About me and my podcast

Hello!  I am Catherine Praiswater and I am your host.

I am philosophical but also sentimental.  Growing up, life was spent in the outdoors camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling, fishing and singing songs around the campfire.  Often times my family and I were alone in the wilderness, except for the wildlife.  My parents told both true and imaginative stories which taught us children about life.  As a result, I enjoy telling stories and listening to them. 

My husband and I meet many people all over the world who share with us their positive actions.  Join me in listening to these achievements and perhaps reflect on your own positive imprint.  What's YOUR P.I.?

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Enjoy listening to the many positive imprints around the world.  What's YOUR P.I.?

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