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Penguin Chill Elevates Imagination and Curiosity

Allyson and Becky share the behind the scenes of how the now, world famous Penguin Chill came to be. Ideum’s creative designer, Becky Hansis-O’Neill, also a biologist, was tasked with the job of penguin storyteller using technology and creative designs. Part of that story includes climate change and science discoveries. Allyson Zahm of the New Mexico BioPark Society was tasked with creating ideas and messages for the curious visitor to discover. The two entities through innovation and collaboration bring interactive conservation messaging to the public. 

Global Food Security. Does it really exist? With Andrew Bracken

Andrew Bracken creates public and private partnerships to invest in sustainable agriculture for small farmers across the globe. He collaborates with entities across the continents. Furthermore it’s about global food security on a planet where climate change is affecting food supplies. Andrew discusses global food security regarding Kenya and Mozambique. Partnering for Innovation.

WATER, FIRE, BREATH. Being a Glassblower. Bicycle Glass

David Royce and Michael Boyd were mesmerized with the authentic and romantic art of glassblowing from an early age. It is the water, fire and breath of the glassblower that drew them in. A pot where molten melted glass awaited the artisan to transform it into a breathtaking piece of art. The two share their stories of what it means to be a glassblower and what it means to be sustainable in a world where lowering the carbon footprint is crucial.

Healing Powers – Energy within your soul – Laura Michelle Powers

Laura Michelle Powers is a celebrity psychic whose passion is to help you access intuition and psychic abilities and to understand your own healing powers.
There are many ways that the unseen kind of energetic realm will connect with and work to communicate with us. Most people are just oblivious to that happening.

The Prizefighter Stands Strong! Kristy Sobel

The Prizefighter, Kristy Sobel: “I was given about two months to live and I didn’t know if I had anything left in me. I hit the gas and headed straight for a cement column. Just before impact I started screaming “I want to live“. I boarded an airplane, flew out and sat on the doorstep of the doctor who said to me, “sorry can’t help you.“ And I told him if I’m going to die you’re going to watch me. Listen to The Prizefighter Kristy Sobel tell her story from her depths of darkness to becoming The Prizefighter and a distinguished humanitarian ambassador.