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Meditation and Yoga. What are the benefits? Jennifer Nole

Meditation and Yoga Benefits with Jennifer Nole Meditation and yoga.  What are the benefits? – with Jennifer Nole Listen to the podcast episode: Jennifer Nole did not grow up knowing yoga or meditation.  Bored one day, she rummaged through her mom’s movies.  Underneath the movies she found a yoga practice video.  Ever since then…

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What’s YOUR Dream? Espen & Kine- Norway

A Dream Comes True Espen and Kine of Norway Espen Lysø “Du trenger ikke å være ekspert, gå milevis eller ha det beste utstyret for å ha en fantastisk turopplevelse. Man kommer langt med det du har og lær fra dine eventyr.” —”You don’t need to be an expert, hike for miles or have the…

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Fog Rolls In Creating Opportunity

Weather flight delays. Opportunity or annoyance? Fog rolls in and closes the Kodiak, Alaska runway. Stranded commercial airline pilots Doug and Dave share their perspectives. You can’t build your life on past successes. Tomorrow hasn’t yet come. Documentary filmmaker Sarah Lanier joins the conversation sharing a foggy experience.

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