Father Ray Kelly, A Christmas Message from Ireland

Father Ray Kelly is a world renowned singing Catholic priest from Ireland. Father has inspired millions with his vocal arrangement of REM’s song, “Everybody Hurts. His “Hallelujah” wedding rendition continues to grow with more than 90 million views on You Tube. Father shares a Christmas message of hope. “Oh Holy Night” composed by Adolphe Adam and arranged and performed by Chris Nole on the piano. Merry Christmas!

Finding Your Authentic Self Through Sustainable Actions, Ethical Practices and Spirit Water. Alessandro Tronco

Alessandro Tronco was born in Sicily. At fourteen his mother sent him to New York with five dollars in his pocket. With little experience and lack of financial means Alessandro invested in himself and became a successful entrepreneur. Along the journey he found that material possessions cannot fill the void. Listen how the creator of Spirit Water transformed his life finding his authentic self through sustainable actions.