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Inna Braverman, Eco Wave Power

Eco Wave Power.  Link to the audio podcast: Tales of Discovery with Inna Braverman.  Eco Wave Power Tales of Discovery.  Female entrepreneur Inna Braverman almost died as an infant due to the pollution from the Chernobyl explosion.  Today she lives her life changing the world for a better future.  Inna shares her company’s innovative…

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Music Therapist, Mack Bailey

Just Because Listen to the Podcast Episode featuring Mack Bailey: Mack Bailey, legendary musician, singer, songwriter, and music therapist uses songwriting and music to rewire the brain. Songwriting and music brought Mack from the brink of what he calls a time in his life where he found little hope.  During that dark time in…

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Share Your Pets Positive Imprints

What is YOUR Pet’s Positive Imprint? What is it about our pets that they are able to teach us about love, trust, honor? Pets provide a never ending abundance of positive imprints.  I’d love for you to share your pet’s positive imprints on the show.  How does your furry, feathery, or scaled pet inspire you? Let’s…

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Meditation and Yoga. What are the benefits? Jennifer Nole

Meditation and Yoga Benefits with Jennifer Nole Meditation and yoga.  What are the benefits? – with Jennifer Nole Listen to the podcast episode: Jennifer Nole did not grow up knowing yoga or meditation.  Bored one day, she rummaged through her mom’s movies.  Underneath the movies she found a yoga practice video.  Ever since then…

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