Breeding Queen Bees. Melanie Margarita Kirby

Which bee will be the chosen one, the queen bee, mother of the hive? How do bees choose their queen bee? What is royal jelly? Isn’t a queen bee any other ordinary bee that produces young? What really happens to honey bees and the plants when only one blooming plant is available? Bee researcher and beekeeper Melanie Margarita Kirby shares her connection with honey bees. Stewards of flowers, trees, and other plants, honey bees have been general pollinators before humans ever walked the earth. Melanie’s mission is to help sustain the continuity of pollination through queen bee breeding. For her, an indigenous person, she wants to reconnect with where our food comes from and the energy that goes into producing it, including the seed itself. Part 2.

From Storytelling to Philosophical Teachings Using Navigation and Constellations. Catherine Praiswater

Jerry the Bear was Dad’s imagination. His imaginative bear was used to weave lessons through storytelling. My teachings began when Jerry was born in a cave and started living his adventures. Later Dad turned to philosophical lessons using navigation and constellations to teach the circle of life. Happy Father’s Day week to everybody especially my Dad, Rozier Sanchez.

Doctor, Your Hands Are Going To Save My Hands Today. Artist Jennifer Hunter

Jennifer Hunter is a nationally recognized award winning artist known for her sensitive storytelling with the use of her paintbrush. Her artwork comes to life telling a story the viewer finds interesting but also, realistic. Recently she found herself facing one of her greatest fears. Surgery. She might never paint again due to a spinal cord injury.

“Runaway” Lyrics by Christopher Marciano Touches Hearts Worldwide

Rhythm and blues pop singer and songwriter Christopher Marciano inspires the world to reach out to others and be the reason. Through his emotional lyrics he brings topics to the forefront that need to be discussed. His life experiences are shared through his songs which are making universal life changes. Writing songs and poetry helps Christopher heal and recover from stressful situations. As an educator he uses songwriting to teach the students about the world. Christopher Marciano creates positive change through lyrics and music.
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