Demystifying Latin American Immigrants. Sergio Troncoso – Author

In part 2, Sergio Troncoso explores answers to his question, What is the basis of morality within your community? Sergio’s characters from his most recent book, “Nobody’s Pilgrims,” work at building their own community, discovering that because they are different they are set aside by society when they actually have much to contribute. This novel is not a beach read. It addresses societal issues through adventures; some violent, some not as much. The drug trade is not about Latin American immigrants. It’s about criminals making money off of contraband. This kid from the border, now renown international author Sergio Troncoso demystifies, What is a Mexican immigrant?

Immigrant Values Brought Over Are Important To The Success Of This Country. Author Sergio Troncoso on Immigration

International renown author, Sergio Troncoso, is the son of Mexican immigrants. Raised by parents who had little money, they instilled hard-working values into Sergio. Through hard work he was accepted into Yale and Harvard universities. At first he had a hard time because of his Mexican background, but his voice became prominent and accepted. Sergio questions the basis of morality both in his fiction and non-fiction works, realizing that immigrant values are important to the success of this country. Plus the winner of the t-shirt design contest is announced!!

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