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Mend it Australia. Right To Repair. Kaz and Dan

LISTEN to Kaz and Dan on the podcast! Repair Cafe Kaz and Dan Right To Repair Movement Let’s go for zero waste when possible.  Before I was aware of planned obsolescence I was guilty of throwing it out and not doing enough repairs.  Now with the Repair Cafes and Right to Repair movement, I am…

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God humbled me so I could tell my story.

Candace Nicholas -Lippman struggles with a dysfunctional upbringing.  As an adult she struggled with homelessness.  She says that her struggles are her strength in standing up for social justice. Today she is a writer and a performer. 

Being a victim is not how she wants to come across in her story-telling performances.  Candace wants to inspire people through her experiences.  “God really had to humble me.  This story is really not for me.  It’s not about me.  God is using my talent so that I can tell my story and help change lives.”

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A Drifter at Sea. Oceanographer Helen E. Phillips.

Climate Change – It’s not okay anymore.
Australian Oceanographer Helen Phillips, PhD was a quiet, introverted drifter growing up. She was comfortable in math and science because she was judged on the exactness, the preciseness of her answers. Her research is on the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Helen explains her research and the instruments she uses. She also remarks on climate change and ways that she is trying to bring science findings to the public.

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