Sports Medicine To Paintbrush. The Art of Retirement. Dr. Bob Parks

Opportunities abound! Fill your life with action and endeavor! Dr. Bob Parks transitioned from his precision and accuracy of sports medicine to creative art using a paintbrush. This talented and professional artist started with zero experience and is now legendary! How did he do it? For Bob it’s the art of retirement.

Evolution of Sports Medicine and Podiatry. Dr. Bob Parks

Sports medicine and podiatry are two medical practices that have evolved in a very short time. Only decades really. Bob Parks was on the initial groundwork of lower extremity sports medicine. As a podiatrist he was part of the research and discovery in treating sports injuries, but also shared input for modifications being made to running shoes. A legend of biomechanics in his own time.

WATER, FIRE, BREATH. Sustainable Glassblowers at Bicycle Glass, David Royce and Michael Boyd

David Royce and Michael Boyd were mesmerized with the authentic and romantic art of glassblowing from an early age. It is the water, fire and breath of the glassblower that drew them in. A pot where molten melted glass awaited the artisan to transform it into a breathtaking piece of art. The two share their stories of what it means to be a glassblower and what it means to be sustainable in a world where lowering the carbon footprint is crucial.

Remain Calm! Listen to the Traffic Reporter, Débora Mendonça

Traffic. Oh, what do you do? Will somebody please tell me about an alternate route? For decades, during the commute back and forth to work, drivers turn to local reporters on the radio to assist. Reporters know the local roads. Traffic reporter Débora Mendonça of São Paulo, Brasil assists thousands of drivers each day in getting to work safely and perhaps on time.