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Fog Rolls In Creating Opportunity

Weather flight delays. Opportunity or annoyance? Fog rolls in and closes the Kodiak, Alaska runway. Stranded commercial airline pilots Doug and Dave share their perspectives. You can’t build your life on past successes. Tomorrow hasn’t yet come. Documentary filmmaker Sarah Lanier joins the conversation sharing a foggy experience.

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What Outdoors Opportunities are Around You?

“You don’t need to be a full-time adventurer to have a nice experience in the woods. Step outside and see what opportunities are around you.” -Espen Lysø
Experience Norway’s outdoors during this podcast. It features Espen and Kine of Norway along with their tour guide, Bernie of Tundra Tours.
Bernie, once on a mission to enjoy the outdoors on holiday instead found himself as an appointed guide. A guide for free to English speaking travelers into Norway’s outdoors.
The ‘guiding’ experience which was fulfilling left Bernie with only one option. Become one. So he did. Bernie IS Norway’s Tundra Tours.
Join them on their journey into Norway’s outdoors as they canoe down a river, sleep in tree tents and hang out with mosquitoes. Just listen and have fun!!

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Josh Willis explores ice melt by day; Comedian Climate Elvis by Night

Josh Willis IS Climate Elvis at night. Climate Elvis was born not only because of Josh’s admiration for Elvis but also for his charisma. Climate Elvis is a dignified character whose mission is to assist the public in deciphering climate change research through improv, comedy and songs. By day Josh Willis is principal engineer for NASA in Greenland!! He explores ice melt and warming oceans. OMG!! Oceans Melting Greenland

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I promised to take care of the cat

Richard East, also known as Van Cat Meow, is a nomad from Tasmania. He and his cat Willow travel around Australia in a van.  “I didn’t know where I fit in the world. If you’d asked me when I was ten what I’d be doing in twenty years’ time, I suspect my answer would have been exactly this. Exploration and adventure — the kinds of things we lose sight of as we’re thrown into adulthood.”

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North Balwyn Repair Cafe – Australia

We all have sentimental treasures around our home. Some are broken sitting in a drawer. Ah heck, some items are just practical but when they break, our throw-away society is to trash and replace them. Don’t toss it, repair it!! Patrons of North Balwyn’s Repair Cafe in Australia share their thoughts on why they are utilizing Repair Cafe. You will be pleasantly amused with some of the items being repaired and mended.

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