Fitness Trainer Kila Duncan – Get in Shape with Strength Training

Keep your heart rate moving and grooving!! Get in Shape. Purely You, Purely Strong. Even at twenty-eight, fitness trainer and power lifter Kila Duncan has battled with her body. She hasn’t always loved it. Describing herself as a stress-eater she says that the bodies we are in have technically survived incredible events. As a trainer she is realistic…

Mary Shields, First Woman to Complete the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Mary Shields is the first woman to complete the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Ignoring shouts from some spectators that SHE would never make it, Mary mushed on finishing at a respectable 22nd out of 49 racers. Hear her tales of her life in Alaska. Join in on the laughter as you listen to “tails of the trail”…

Honey Bees in Norway with Andy Friedrichs

Beekeeper Andy Friedrichs introduced beehives in the deep mystic forest of Norway beating the odds for raising honey bees in this specific area. Honey bees are essential insects responsible for pollinating most of the world’s fruits and vegetables. He advocates for the preservation and safety of our planet’s honey bees. When not tending to the bees he is the general manager of the Kleivstua Hotell.

Merchandise!! Rise to the Challenge shirts!

Your Positive Imprint Rise to the Challenge t-shirt campaign runs from February 21-March 04! Order your item now. When you purchase an item I know you will wear it with pride as you consider your own positive imprints as you rise to the challenge.

Birds are Nature’s Music. Casual Birder, Suzy Buttress

Casual Birder Suzy Buttress of the UK shares how you can help the natural world by turning a garden into an oasis for birds and other wildlife. It’s not just about seeing the natural world but also observing the birds and understanding their behavior. Birds are nature’s music. Be silent as you become witness to the drama…