WATER, FIRE, BREATH. Sustainable Glassblowers at Bicycle Glass, David Royce and Michael Boyd

By Catherine | 08/16/2021 |

David Royce and Michael Boyd were mesmerized with the authentic and romantic art of glassblowing from an early age. It is the water, fire and breath of the glassblower that drew them in. A pot where molten melted glass awaited the artisan to transform it into a breathtaking piece of art. The two share their stories of what it means to be a glassblower and what it means to be sustainable in a world where lowering the carbon footprint is crucial.

Remain Calm! Listen to the Traffic Reporter, Débora Mendonça

By Catherine | 08/09/2021 |

Traffic. Oh, what do you do? Will somebody please tell me about an alternate route? For decades, during the commute back and forth to work, drivers turn to local reporters on the radio to assist. Reporters know the local roads. Traffic reporter Débora Mendonça of São Paulo, Brasil assists thousands of drivers each day in getting to work safely and perhaps on time.

BE MY EYES! Let’s See the World Together. Hans Jørgen Wiberg

By Catherine | 08/02/2021 |

Danish furniture craftsman, Hans Jørgen Wiberg had a vision, an idea that became reality for millions around the world – ‘Be my eyes’. Hans sees the world with no land borders and he presented an idea that would bring the world together with helping eyes.

Human rights. What IF…?

By Catherine | 07/26/2021 |

Inspiration Monday! Human rights activists share their global work with hi-lites and quotes from their full Your Positive Imprint episodes. “Human rights. What if…?”
Victoria Sanchez, always rising to the challenge as my mom, an educator, scientist, mentor, outdoor trail volunteer, and, well, she’s my mom and she is exceptional. Episodes 23, 77, 124
Musician and humanitarian Tony Escoto recounts his mom’s escape from El Salvador. Ep. 106. “Nunca se deje por vencido. Siempre sea luchador y soñador.” Never give up. Always be a fighter and a dreamer.
Human rights activist Shelley White is professor at Simmons university, in boston and director of the master of health and health equity. Ep. 34
Hans Jørgen Wiberg of Denmark created the app Be My eyes which assists visually impaired citizens of our world. Upcoming episode.
Larry Grummer-Strawn promotes health and wellness by serving the vulnerable worldwide. Larry is with the World Health Organization. Ep. 59
Cody Unser is a Paralyzed Advocate for women with disabilities across the continents. Cody also provides scuba diving programs and training for paralyzed citizens. Eps. 94-95.
Javier Robles professor of Rutgers University lobbies for better laws and health coverage for people with disabilities.  Ep. 112
Humanitarian and World renown singing Irish priest, Fr. Ray Kelley, spreads hope as he advocates for human rights and justice. Eps. 19, 110 and the 2020 Christmas end-of-the-year message of hope.
Human Rights. What if…?

DOGS BOND Makes A Forever Home Possible. Alex Lu

By Catherine | 07/19/2021 |

Move away from your electronic devices and gather around the playing table to engage in Alex Lu’s board game, Dogs Bond. Alex Lu created Dogs Bond for several reasons. One, is for the multi-cultural experience, while another reason is to change the conversation we have regarding animal shelters and animal adoptions. But his ultimate goal and mission is to provide a positive outcome for dogs in animal shelters to find their forever happy home. Adopt Dogs Bond to your family playing table and save a dog.

Friendship Bench. We Forget Human Connections Offline. Danny Brown

By Catherine | 07/12/2021 |

“Always stand up before you flush.” Humanitarian Danny Brown promotes the welfare of non-profits. His work is known worldwide. While observing an older woman in a cafe a spark was lit within his soul. Danny says that ‘we forget human connections offline.’ What do you observe when you are out and about ‘offline’? Be still and let your soul catch up.

Sustainable Agriculture Across the World and For the World

By Catherine | 07/05/2021 |

With the rising temperatures around the world due to climate change, agriculture must evolve. But how? Today is Inspiration Monday – “Sustainable Agriculture Across the World and for the World.” Your Positive Imprint Inspirations.


Master gardener and composter Marion Owen who’s also a gardening author, blog writer and gardening columnist. Ep. 4.

Andrew Bracken creates public and private partnerships to invest in sustainable agriculture for small farmers across the globe. Eps. 50 and 88.

Sigrid Drage of Ep. 52 is a permaculture farmer in Austria. She applies ecological principles found in nature.

Christine Deck of Deck family farms- Deck Family Farms practices a long-term approach in developing a sustainable livestock operation. Ep. 53.

This is global food security on a planet where climate change is affecting food supplies. Sustainable agriculture across the world and for the world.

Breeding Queen Bees. Melanie Margarita Kirby

By Catherine | 06/28/2021 |

Which bee will be the chosen one, the queen bee, mother of the hive? How do bees choose their queen bee? What is royal jelly? Isn’t a queen bee any other ordinary bee that produces young? What really happens to honey bees and the plants when only one blooming plant is available? Bee researcher and beekeeper Melanie Margarita Kirby shares her connection with honey bees. Stewards of flowers, trees, and other plants, honey bees have been general pollinators before humans ever walked the earth. Melanie’s mission is to help sustain the continuity of pollination through queen bee breeding. For her, an indigenous person, she wants to reconnect with where our food comes from and the energy that goes into producing it, including the seed itself. Part 2.

I Clicked YES For Stinging Insects. Now I’m A Beekeeper. Melanie Margarita Kirby

By Catherine | 06/21/2021 |

Melanie Margarita Kirby joined the Peace Corps. While filling out the application she checked YES in the box for “will work with stinging insects.” In this part 1 episode Melanie provides information on honey bees and the history of the species. She also shares her own journey in Paraguay to becoming a conscientious and sustainable beekeeper.

From Storytelling to Philosophical Teachings Using Navigation and Constellations. Catherine Praiswater

By Catherine | 06/14/2021 |

Jerry the Bear was Dad’s imagination. His imaginative bear was used to weave lessons through storytelling. My teachings began when Jerry was born in a cave and started living his adventures. Later Dad turned to philosophical lessons using navigation and constellations to teach the circle of life. Happy Father’s Day week to everybody especially my Dad, Rozier Sanchez.