Cinnamon Sugar and Spice Cafe Launch Party

By Catherine | 01/06/2019 |

My launch party is being held at Cinnamon Sugar and Spice Cafe. It is owned by Kanella Chronis. This bonus shorter podcast features two guests. Kanella and also James Garrigan who runs the Cinnamon Sugar and Spice Cafe cooking classes held at the cafe. Kanella is of Greek descent. Kanella translates to Cinnamon in English.
“I want to be a part of the neighborhood. A neighborhood cafe is where folks can enjoy the food in a fun atmosphere.” For Kanella there is more to her positive imprint than providing a neighborhood cafe. Her positive imprint extends to a childrens’ advocacy group. James is the lead cook for the cooking classes. James is the lead cook for the cooking classes. “Cook what you want to eat.” “The classes are a hands-on approach where every step is shown. “I got started in doing these cooking classes from a visit to a Kindergarten class. I was a guest baker for my child’s Kindergarten class and I had so much fun teaching them. They had fun. I wanted to do this for a living.” James provides cooking classes to both adults and children. AND my launch party is being held here. Cheers! Listen to their positive imprints. What’s Your P.I.?


By Catherine | 12/20/2018 |

This PODCAST is a variety show!!  Stories are everywhere.  People are everywhere. Your Positive Imprint is real life…true stories.   This show features people from our global community and how their positive achievements are inspiring positive actions.  Globally!!  Get inspired! Your Positive Imprint.  What’s Your P.I.?  


By Catherine | 12/12/2018 |

Get inspired! YOUR POSITIVE IMPRINT podcast is real life…true stories. People from all over the WORLD share their positive achievements that are influencing positive actions. Hear how their efforts can affect and inspire you! It’s a variety show! Your Positive Imprint. What’s YOUR P.I.?