Outside Magazine Online freelance writer Eva Holland; Physician’s Assistant Kayla inspired by Starfish Story

By Catherine | 04/01/2019 |

Eva Holland is a free-lance writer for Outside magazine. She also does work for National Geographic and other publications. She write stories that will have some meaning for people but the stories don’t have to be super serious because there’s something fun in reading about schlepping across the sea ice.
Island Medicine Physician’s Assistant Kayla is inspired by the starfish story. Kayla is a medical provider in rural Alaska. Through focus groups she re-instills a sense of camaraderie for veterans.

Czech Vegan Philosopher – Martin Zeman, Czech Republic

By Catherine | 03/25/2019 |

Becoming vegan is a choice I am able to make.  
In the past, people in Czech Republic couldn’t really make those choices because of the scarcity of so many things but today we have developed a very competitive country.
The old regime is recent and people still remember that and so whenever there are ways or rules that seem impossible we will find a way through it.  
We have the freedom to study and the freedom to travel.  
Being a vegan was a choice I made about a year ago but I was thinking about quitting eating meat for a long time.  The final step was the inspiration from Joaquin Phoenix and the movie ‘Earthlings.’
It was narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and it shows the brutal truth about the food industry and that kind of made me do the next step and quit eating all animal products– meat, dairy products, eggs.
The pure reason behind my being vegan is ethical for me. My selection of food doesn’t involve cruelty in killing animals.  There are other options out there of what to eat and I can replace everything.  I just feel better.
Martin talks about learning English working with an American carnival and he shares his philosophies. Take a listen.

Natural Disaster survivors find hope through All Hands and Hearts global response team. Relief from volunteers in purple shirts

By Catherine | 03/18/2019 |

We can’t control nature but we can control the actions that we take in a natural disaster. Every situation that we deal with a homeowner or school child or whatever it is those situations are each heart-wrenching and they are beautiful and you walk away feeling on top of the world when you hear the words ‘thank you’ because I don’t think you will ever hear a thank you that means as much as that does.
I want to encourage anybody who’s listening to be a part of this. It is an experience that will change your life completely and it will change it for the better. Come and join us.  

Archaeologist recovers human remains. History vanishes as ice melts- Anne M. Jensen; Vanessa Crandell-Beck studies Mt. St. Helen’s.

By Catherine | 03/11/2019 |

Scientists. Anne. Somebody reported human remains in far north North America. I helped to recover them before they were washed away. This one individual dated back to 1000 A.D. or earlier and this person had grave goods intact.
I’ve worked in the oil fields before and I’ve been employed on ships. These are male dominated jobs but I did well and I succeeded. But what I want to do is be a vulcanologist. I want to study volcanoes.
My research was done at Mt. St. Helen’s and that was studying to see if there was any correlation with grain size distribution from the source down to where the mud flow was deposited.

Engrave Your Forever, Leave Your Mark, The Recognition Place Jason York & Thomas DeMoss

By Catherine | 03/04/2019 |

“Leave your Mark” is our slogan. As a business model this is what we do. People bring things in for engraving. These are items that people want to give to someone else that are reminders of something special or for an appreciation but whatever the case, it is forever. Forever is popular around here because what we do is forever. It’s fun to leave your mark on something that’s going to be passed down for generations.
Personally I want to tutor somebody in astrophysics, math or science and that’s the impression I want to leave. For me it’s about expanding and growing. The wonder that metaphysics provides me is awesome. Science and space made an imprint on me. I’d like to make it to Mars some day. It’s a stepping stone to look towards the stars as those were our navigation at one time. It’s important to leave our positive imprint on the world. Entrepreneurs Jason York and Thomas DeMoss.

Get Unhooked Prescription Drugs, Dirk Wales Filmmaker, Author “Jack London’s Dog”

By Catherine | 02/25/2019 |

Dirk Wales – Develop a habit that you’re going to do something for yourself and that will re-inspire you towards your passion. Dirk has inspired people to get unhooked of prescription drugs. He’s the author of novels, ‘how-to’ books, and children’s books and he found a niche in movie making through his Rainbow Film productions.  Rainbow Productions produced films in the medical field as well as children’s animated films and other genre of film.

Outdoor Adventures – Norway – Espen Lysø & Kine Leines Skår

By Catherine | 02/18/2019 |

—”You don’t need to be an expert, hike for miles or have the best equipment to have a great outdoors experience. Make do with what you have and learn from your adventures”.
“Du trenger ikke å være ekspert, gå milevis eller ha det beste utstyret for å ha en fantastisk turopplevelse. Man kommer langt med det du har og lær fra dine eventyr.”
We live in Malvik, Norway which is close to the fjords. The fjords are beautiful. My mission is to tell people that you can make it outdoors even with this lifestyle of work; having a job.  You don’t need to be a full-time adventurer in order to have a  nice experience in the woods.
Step outside of your house and look at the opportunities around you.  Take the time to relax and enjoy a nice walk.  The outdoors don’t have to
be expensive. You don’t need much to be in the outdoors.  You can borrow items, buy used or find things around the house.  Everyday can be an outdoor life.  Find the opportunities nearby.
As busy as we are we still find time to be in the outdoors even if it’s a walk with our dogs.  It’s important to not stay in the house but to relax outside and reflect.
Kine Leines Skår
I started mushing thirteen years ago at a school where I became an apprentice.  My work is to train dogs for several dog mushers here in Norway.  It was a dream of mine to train dogs.  When I learned about the Iditarod in Alaska that became another dream.  Training dogs for the Iditarod was something I hoped to do.  It was a goal of mine.  

Two Knitting Needles are Changing the World. Darlene Matz

By Catherine | 02/11/2019 |

‘Alone we cannot change the world but we can make it a better place for one other person.’
In 2005 my mother died and I had just started making hats after not knitting for many years. My stepfather said to me, “how many of those are you going to do anyway?”
My answer was 25.
Sadly, my stepfather laughed at me. Well that made me more determined to do more than 25. Since 2012 I’ve made more than 3,000 hats.
Knitting is fun. I make hats for the homeless and the villages in northern Alaska. I’m free with my time to do it. I don’t want to sit at my house. Being involved with people makes me happy.
Once I finish a hat it is done. I don’t deliver the hats because I can’t travel to all of the villages, therefore I cannot see the happiness and smiles from the children and adults. But the response is not important.
In the native culture it means more if something is hand done and I make each hat unique so people can take pride in wearing it.

Hey! Can I Get Some Help Here Right Now? Traveling. You’ve Got to Listen to This! Marcos Mendonca

By Catherine | 02/04/2019 |

Author Marcos Mendonca shares his perspective on traveling:
To me traveling is very fulfilling. The more I see the less I know.
How can I live my entire life without knowing how people do things and how they live? The most important thing for me about traveling is the culture. I like getting to know cultures and meeting different people and how they live around the world. I think by the end of the day you value the things you have a lot more. There are people that don’t have stuff and they are happy. I can live without some stuff. I see the places through different eyes. I can share that. I am sharing that.

Repair Cafe Don’t Throw It Away Repair It Find a Repair Cafe Near You – or Start One Part Two

By Catherine | 01/28/2019 |

“The Right to Repair movement is the idea that manufacturers have this policy where if something goes wrong with an item you purchase you have to take the item to them for repairs. That can be a big cost to you. You are not allowed to fix it. But people are saying wait a minute. I bought this. I own this. I should be able to do what I want with it. I should be able to choose whom I want to repair it.”
“It doesn’t matter where you are politically or financially we can all agree that saving money is a good thing. Everybody wants something that is reliable and will last.”
“Repair Cafe is not just about repairing items. It’s an interactive place to meet people and talk to skilled volunteers to help you.”
Dale: “I brought in a paper shredder that runs in reverse but wont’ run forward. This kind gentleman Cory is fixing it for me. My goal is not to have to replace it and now I don’t have to.”