Spoken Word by Nigerian Performance Poet, Huwa

Spoken Word Artist, Huwa

Spoken Word artist, Huwa, is a Nigerian resident where she performs her craft.  She also shares what it is like living in a third world country where life is grand despite limited choices.

Huwa says it’s okay to live your dreams even if your environment has limited things and limited choices.  You still have a choice to invest time and energy into your craft.

Her podcast showcases Spoken Word artists as well as her own work.  She tours around Nigeria performing Spoken Word and bringing it to a commercial platform.

In September Huwa graduates with a Chemical Engineering degree but she will continue performing Spoken Word and sharing the art globally.

This following definition is from the Poetry Foundation

The art of Spoken Word has its roots in oral traditions and performance. It can contain elements of rap, hip-hop, storytelling, theater, jazz, rock, blues, and folk music. It is characterized by rhyme, repetition, improvisation, and word play.

These poems frequently refer to issues of social justice, politics, race, and community. 

It is related to slam poetry, in that it may draw on music, sound, dance, or other kinds of performance to connect with you, the audience.

It has become more popular around the world to relay messages.

Link to Huwa’s podcast

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