Spoken Word by Nigerian Performance Poet, Huwa

By Catherine | 06/10/2019 |

Nigerian resident, Huwa, performs Spoken Word. She talks about living in a third world country – Nigeria – where life is grand despite limited choices. Poems in Spoken Word frequently refer to issues of social justice, politics, race, and community.  Huwa says to live your dreams even if you are in an environment where things are limited but you have a choice to invest time and energy into your craft.

A Polar Bear Tapped Me On The Shoulder

By Catherine | 06/03/2019 |

“The polar bear must have heard me snoring and he put his paw on my head and my shoulder…” Jack and Steve of Akook Arctic Adventures and Left Eye Productions are polar bear guides in Kaktovik Alaska. They put the polar bears at the forefront for tourists through education, sightings, and respect for the great white spirit bear. On this podcast they share their own adventures of living in the Arctic which is Heaven and Hell all in one.

Life Coach Kyra King – Listen to your Body

By Catherine | 05/27/2019 |

Do you want to learn how to listen to your body? Maybe you want habits that will transform you! Learn how Satisfaction Life Coach Kyra King can help you.
Life Coach Kyra King is the mother of two children.  She is a single mom coming out of a relationship but she learned how to cleanse and re-program her body and mind.  She transformed herself by getting present with the moment.
During her transformation she discovered her talent in coaching and became a certified life coach.
Having a background as a professional dancer and model, she sees coaching as a way to bring radiance back into a client’s life.  “Get present with the moment.  Be true to yourself.”
Kyra King is Radiant and True. Life Satisfaction Coach.

An unconventional journey to motherhood

By Catherine | 05/20/2019 |

Kyla and Britney are two human beings coming together at the most human level possible. They share a close friendship with each other. Kyla and Mark could no longer have children but through gestational surrogacy Britney carried Kyla’s and Mark’s son to term. People are angels in different ways. Britney is Kyla’s angel on earth. This is Britney’s and Kyla’s incredible journey.

Reflections on motherhood. Victoria Sanchez

By Catherine | 05/13/2019 |

Victoria Sanchez reflects on motherhood to her five children. She reflects on happy memories and the wonderful adventures the family experienced. Her husband says that she makes sacrifices for the family with ‘angelic devotion.’

Building community and philanthropy are important to Victoria and she instilled these values into her children. Love for family and devotion to family are key to success. Her marriage of over 61 years is testament to that.

Inspiration of dance. Inspiring expressive movement. When In Doubt Dance It Out.

By Catherine | 05/09/2019 |

Dancers share their thoughts on the inspiration of dance. When in doubt, dance it out. Dancing brings you into a new world. Dance has no boundaries and no negatives through expression. Hearing yourself tap is pretty cool. Choreography is putting on stage what has been going inside my head. Dance is a motivation to approaching life.

Dancer Kathie Fishback Anthony of the Carol Burnett Show shares her joy in the art

By Catherine | 05/06/2019 |

Dancer Kathie Fishback Anthony enjoyed a professional career in California.  Some of her performances include The Carol Burnett Show and The Dean Martin Show.  She also toured with Sammy Davis, Jr.  Kathie finds joy in the world of dance.  As director of a dance studio Kathie continues to be a positive imprint to dancers.  Raquel Miera whom is also featured on this episode is a 22 year old dancer and bio medical engineer. Dance inspires Raquel daily.  Her pathway into her studies is partly due to Kathie and her encouragement into the world of dance.

‘Reading Partners’ Tutor & Journalist Matt Bracken unlocks student potential

By Catherine | 04/29/2019 |

Matt Bracken is a young senior editor for a Washington, D.C. based publication. He also volunteers with Reading Partners as a literacy tutor for struggling readers. His positive imprint is impressive as he chooses to help students succeed at a school that needs his services but is located a long distance from his own community. He says, “I am lucky and I think other people should be as lucky to be able to see a place that does need a little bit more love.”

Global Environmental Activist Lilly Platt. Lilly’s Plastic Pickup. Clean up the world!

By Catherine | 04/22/2019 |

Ten year old GLOBAL environmental activist Lilly Platt is taking an active role in seeking political action against global warming and against plastics. She is a youth ambassador of plastic pollution coalition.
One day I was walking with my grandfather. I think I was eight. Maybe younger. There was something plastic on the ground and I picked it up. My grandpa told me that the plastic will make its way to the ocean over here in Holland.
I started Lilly’s Plastic Pickup because I want to educate and inform the world about the dangers of plastic. It went viral so people are listening and reacting.  I’ve been all over the world cleaning beaches and meeting government officials.  I even met with the prime minister of Curaçao.
Please refuse to use plastic and please pick up rubbish.
Get a bag.  Get a grabber.  Let’s clean up the world!  Who’s with me?

Britain’s Got Talent Star Father Ray Kelly reminisces memorable audition and family memories

By Catherine | 04/18/2019 |

Father Ray Kelly had no desire to sing in front of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell but he went for it! His audition is memorable. Father belted R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” song with emotion. He shares his experiences on this podcast episode. Today he continues to serve Ireland. Listen to Part Two of this episode now.. Don’t forget to listen to Part One!