Inspiration of dance. Inspiring expressive movement. When In Doubt Dance It Out.

By Catherine | 05/09/2019 |

Dancers share their thoughts on the inspiration of dance. When in doubt, dance it out. Dancing brings you into a new world. Dance has no boundaries and no negatives through expression. Hearing yourself tap is pretty cool. Choreography is putting on stage what has been going inside my head. Dance is a motivation to approaching life.

Dancer Kathie Fishback Anthony of the Carol Burnett Show shares her joy in the art

By Catherine | 05/06/2019 |

Dancer Kathie Fishback Anthony enjoyed a professional career in California.  Some of her performances include The Carol Burnett Show and The Dean Martin Show.  She also toured with Sammy Davis, Jr.  Kathie finds joy in the world of dance.  As director of a dance studio Kathie continues to be a positive imprint to dancers.  Raquel Miera whom is also featured on this episode is a 22 year old dancer and bio medical engineer. Dance inspires Raquel daily.  Her pathway into her studies is partly due to Kathie and her encouragement into the world of dance.

‘Reading Partners’ Tutor & Journalist Matt Bracken unlocks student potential

By Catherine | 04/29/2019 |

Matt Bracken is a young senior editor for a Washington, D.C. based publication. He also volunteers with Reading Partners as a literacy tutor for struggling readers. His positive imprint is impressive as he chooses to help students succeed at a school that needs his services but is located a long distance from his own community. He says, “I am lucky and I think other people should be as lucky to be able to see a place that does need a little bit more love.”

Global Environmental Activist Lilly Platt. Lilly’s Plastic Pickup. Clean up the world!

By Catherine | 04/22/2019 |

Ten year old GLOBAL environmental activist Lilly Platt is taking an active role in seeking political action against global warming and against plastics. She is a youth ambassador of plastic pollution coalition.
One day I was walking with my grandfather. I think I was eight. Maybe younger. There was something plastic on the ground and I picked it up. My grandpa told me that the plastic will make its way to the ocean over here in Holland.
I started Lilly’s Plastic Pickup because I want to educate and inform the world about the dangers of plastic. It went viral so people are listening and reacting.  I’ve been all over the world cleaning beaches and meeting government officials.  I even met with the prime minister of Curaçao.
Please refuse to use plastic and please pick up rubbish.
Get a bag.  Get a grabber.  Let’s clean up the world!  Who’s with me?

Britain’s Got Talent Star Father Ray Kelly reminisces memorable audition and family memories

By Catherine | 04/18/2019 |

Father Ray Kelly had no desire to sing in front of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell but he went for it! His audition is memorable. Father belted R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” song with emotion. He shares his experiences on this podcast episode. Today he continues to serve Ireland. Listen to Part Two of this episode now.. Don’t forget to listen to Part One!

Father Ray Kelly Hallelujah singing sensation reminisces and humanizes his journey into the priesthood Part One

By Catherine | 04/15/2019 |

Fr. Ray Kelly humanizes his journey into the priesthood. He had a great Civil Service job and money in his pocket. What inspired him to give it all up? Father sang for Pope John Paul II and Father also formed a band. He continues to serve Ireland as a Catholic priest. His singing sensation was Hallelujah at a wedding and his Everybody Hurts memorable audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Listen to Part One of this episode.

Federal CID Agent turns Author. Writing provides outlet for PTSD issues. Stuart L Scott. I stopped suffering in silence.

By Catherine | 04/08/2019 |

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I Didn’t suffer in silence. I dealt with my PTSD through writing. US Federal CID Agent Stuart L. Scott turns experiences into a romance novel and a humorous compilation of short stories. My experiences are woven into my fiction books. My writing is my legacy. ‘Prisoners of War’ and short-stories book, ‘Gritty, Grisly and Greedy Stories Inspired By True Crooks and Crimes From My 28 Years As A Fed.’

Outside Magazine Online freelance writer Eva Holland; Physician’s Assistant Kayla inspired by Starfish Story

By Catherine | 04/01/2019 |

Eva Holland is a free-lance writer for Outside magazine. She also does work for National Geographic and other publications. She write stories that will have some meaning for people but the stories don’t have to be super serious because there’s something fun in reading about schlepping across the sea ice.
Island Medicine Physician’s Assistant Kayla is inspired by the starfish story. Kayla is a medical provider in rural Alaska. Through focus groups she re-instills a sense of camaraderie for veterans.

Czech Vegan Philosopher – Martin Zeman, Czech Republic

By Catherine | 03/25/2019 |

Becoming vegan is a choice I am able to make.  
In the past, people in Czech Republic couldn’t really make those choices because of the scarcity of so many things but today we have developed a very competitive country.
The old regime is recent and people still remember that and so whenever there are ways or rules that seem impossible we will find a way through it.  
We have the freedom to study and the freedom to travel.  
Being a vegan was a choice I made about a year ago but I was thinking about quitting eating meat for a long time.  The final step was the inspiration from Joaquin Phoenix and the movie ‘Earthlings.’
It was narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and it shows the brutal truth about the food industry and that kind of made me do the next step and quit eating all animal products– meat, dairy products, eggs.
The pure reason behind my being vegan is ethical for me. My selection of food doesn’t involve cruelty in killing animals.  There are other options out there of what to eat and I can replace everything.  I just feel better.
Martin talks about learning English working with an American carnival and he shares his philosophies. Take a listen.

Natural Disaster survivors find hope through All Hands and Hearts global response team. Relief from volunteers in purple shirts

By Catherine | 03/18/2019 |

We can’t control nature but we can control the actions that we take in a natural disaster. Every situation that we deal with a homeowner or school child or whatever it is those situations are each heart-wrenching and they are beautiful and you walk away feeling on top of the world when you hear the words ‘thank you’ because I don’t think you will ever hear a thank you that means as much as that does.
I want to encourage anybody who’s listening to be a part of this. It is an experience that will change your life completely and it will change it for the better. Come and join us.