I promised to take care of the cat

I Didn't Know Where I Fit In The World

Richard East, also known as Van Cat Meow, is a nomad from Tasmania, which he describes as one of the last untouched wildernesses in the world.  He says he and his cat Willow are no longer travellers, but ‘nomads.’  They travel around Australia in a van.  Rich goes on to say,

If you’d asked me when I was ten what I’d be doing in twenty years’ time, I suspect my answer would have been exactly this. Exploration and adventure — the kinds of things we lose sight of as we’re thrown into adulthood. But now, I feel like I have those things back, even though, two years ago, they seemed like an absurd and impossible dream.

Rich grew up with everything he needed.  Food, shelter, friends.  In adult life he was living the Australian dream with a great job, a house, car, pets, a girlfriend; but he didn’t feel the dream.  He felt little happiness.

I didn’t know where I fit in the world.  There was so much to be grateful for but I wasn’t grateful so I was on a quest to change my life.

He envies the mind of a cat — unable to experience existential dread.  Rich made a decision to leave it all—the Australian dream.

A promise was made to look after Willow.  "I realized how much this little cat meant to me.  She has a beautiful personality and she's adapted to the lifestyle quite easily."  (The nomad lifestyle of traveling in a van while taking in the Australian beauty.)

Volunteer work is done along his journey and he helps where he can, interacting with people that he wouldn’t otherwise.  Spreading a positive imprint.


Philanthropy Along the Journey

During Willow’s and my travels I lost a cousin to Motor Neurone Disease.  We weren’t close and a reason for that is because we go through life saying, ‘oh ya, let’s get together soon’ and it never happens.  I realized that life is too short and I need to do what I say.

Motor neurone disease (MND) is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells - neurones - controlling the muscles that enable us to move, speak, breathe and swallow; undergo degeneration and die.  It is a form of ALS.

Rich just released a book about his struggles before traveling and he shares anecdotes.  He also shares some of his adventures with Willow on their journey around Australia.  The book,

"Van Cat Meow: A Lost Man. A Rescue Cat. A Road Trip like No Other."

His travels with Willow are entertaining and his love for his pet comes through loudly and clearly.  Rich’s positive imprints are reaching around the globe.

Take a listen to the podcast and learn more about his positive imprints.  What’s your P.I.?

You can follow Rich on his social media and also purchase his products.  

Richard's Website



Motor Neurone Disease



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