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Coaching is in my blood

Kyra King started doing health coaching training not knowing she would career in it.

"At the time I was doing it because I was in a really toxic relationship and I wanted to do something that would take my mind off of things.  I just wanted growth.

I'd been stagnant for so long and I wanted growth.  I wanted to study something that I love so I started studying this.  Well, I realized that I am really good at this and then it dawned on me later that coaching is in my blood. My grandfather John King is a keynote speaker and he travels all over the world. He wrote Tribal Leadership.  

This kind of entrepreneurial spirit and coaching and personal development and all of that is in my blood. I grew up doing Landmark Forum and so that is always something that was a part of me too. So I have been doing self development since I was 12 probably before that but that was when I first started getting into the training. That's  why it came so naturally to me.

Helping others has become important to me.  I can really help people and not only just in a nutrition aspect in getting healthy but holistically.

The thing that makes me so fit and so healthy is because I listen to my body. If I can teach other people how to listen to their bodies after getting clean first then they could start new healthy habits.  If your body is telling you to eat sugar and crappy stuff then what you need to do is reprogram your body - cleanse it.  After that you can listen to your body and really give it what it needs and come into your best health."

From Toxic Relationship to Transformation

"Something I work on is making sure negative energy is cleared out.  I work on body and emotional work.  All of it.

When I look back on a relationship I was in that was very toxic, I didn't look bad on the exterior.  It was a physically and emotionally abusive relationship but I what it comes down to is waking up one day and saying I deserve more than this.  For me, at that time, it was more psychological.

Now I am able to focus on myself and get and give myself the care that I need as I encourage everybody to do.  If I would have continued in that relationship I am sure at one point everything would have started showing up physically on me.  I am sure it would have because I was in my twenties and it was nine years throughout my twenties and when you are young you can get away with a lot.  But you don't know how that will manifest over time.

Who knows how that could show up in my forties or in my fifties.  But I've cleared all of that negative energy out and made sure that I have confronted everything emotionally and physically.

Through my studies, reflections, and own transformation, I am a strong life coach for others."

Kyra King is a GLOBAL Life Coach

Kyra King does person-to-person coaching as well as Online coaching.  She’s a global life coach.

"For a transformation I recommend at least 6 months. In person I offer six month programs where we meet for 45 minutes every other week and that’s because it takes time to implement new habits.  The coaching helps you to implement incremental but powerful changes for your life. It gives you time to master a habit and then over the next two weeks I add something else. You cannot throw everything all at once to somebody because we all know that doesn't work.

For my online program I offer a three month program to get you started and set up for success. The sessions are online and 45-minute coaching every other week and that is for 3 months.  You will also have access to a 6 module course which starts off with a cleanse and I include all of the recipes.  I help you set up your environment to what I call 'Zen Your Space.'  You have to declutter your environment and set it up for success. Clear out all of your junk and processed foods.

If you have a bag of chips sitting on your couch what are you going to eat? You're going to grab your chips right?  If you have a big bowl of fruit on the counter it's automatically going to inspire you to eat fresh and to eat healthy. You need to surround yourself with positive influences and really declutter your space.

I provide people with the basic tools on how to eat for a happy gut and balanced hormones.  Together we do an overhaul to set you up so you cannot fail."

As a coach I will hold you accountable to healthy habits

"My other modules are the magic of movement so we go over meditation, mindset and mindfulness techniques.  Basically morning and evening routines.  These little rituals that you do don't have to be complicated but they make you happy and that makes all the difference. 

For most people including myself, consistency is a huge problem. I'm going to start a morning meditation routine and even if it's just five minutes a day well what do you end up doing? Hitting the snooze button.  Well that's where you really need a person on your side to keep you accountable for these things.  Maybe you don't like meditation but maybe there's something that you do like such as tapping or whatever.  I help you find it and I help you incorporate it into a habit.

Just a 5-minute stretch in the morning can make a world of a difference in getting your body moving and getting your blood flowing.  Start breathing exercises and it really gives your day a whole different feeling you feel better. I’m not saying you have to start at five in the morning and do this crazy routine and run five miles. No. You can wake up and you can have a quiet moment with a cup of coffee and do some deep breathing and do a few minutes of stretching.  Key is to keep it going as a habit in your life and keep to it stick it; stick to it.

Consistency is hard."

Step Into a Healthy Life


"When I wake up my kids wake up so what am I going to do about that?  I have to say okay, if I really want some time to myself then I'm going to have to wake up not half an hour earlier before them but maybe an hour before them.  Maybe they'll be sleeping deeply enough but I have to gauge things and then I stick to that habit.

If you have a life coach helping you through then you can develop healthy habits and  actually stick to them.

The other part of my program is self-care and what that means for you.  Sometimes its  getting past mental blocks.  Tackling anything often times reignites passions. Whether they are old passions or the exploration of new passions I think that is so critical for anybody.

After being a mom for several years I notice that it's easy for women to just give give give and give to their children.  I learned, and I want to coach others to let life  takeover but you are going to bring it back to yourself.  When you can make yourself whole and happy do you know what that does for your children?  I do.

Well, you can put that back into the world and you can have a higher purpose. You can go and do things that maybe you never thought you could do.

Often we feel committed and obligated to that commitment and we become afraid to step away but you're really not stepping away from the commitment.  You're stepping into life of both worlds. Your family and yourself."

Motherhood and Life Coaching

"Being a mom and coach means that I need to constantly re-examine, assess, change, dissect, and analyze myself.  It's that deep personal work of just checking in with myself.

It's a great way to coach clients as well.  Why are you stressed right now?  Keeping a journal and how you feel at a specific moment so that I can look for patterns and see what is it that's causing something stress.  Maybe it was from too much caffeine or not drinking enough water.  Maybe you just need to make some kind of time management adjustments or invest in help or maybe it's a combination of all of that. 

As a coach I help you to navigate.

I myself am navigating that as well.

Being a life coach is great but there are motherhood moments.  Sometimes I am just stressed with life and this little one is clinging to me and he's teething and he's crawling all over me.  But I just look into his eyes and I get present with him right then and there.  You know what?  I tell him you are innocent and it is not your fault that you're teething or growing up. I love my children.

When you stop with anything and just get present with the moment you can really just be outside of your own head and your own body and be like okay just take a pause.  It's alright.  This is life and it's good."


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