Human Rights and the Dignity of Life Inspiring Words From Guests

Episode 198 is the inspiring words from episode guests throughout the years.  Human Rights, The Dignity of Life. 

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Here are the guests who provided the content for Episode 198:

Victoria Sanchez is always rising to the challenge as my mom, but she’s also an educator, scientist, mentor, outdoor trail volunteer, and well

She’s my mom and she is exceptional. Listen to more from my mom on episodes 23, 77, 124 and 171. My gosh, mom, thank you for all of your positive imprints.

Musician and human rights humanitarian Tony Escoto. He recounts his mom’s Escape from El Salvador, episode 106.

Human rights activist. Shelly White is professor at Simmons University in Boston, and the director of the Master of Health and Health Equity, episode 34,

Hans Jørgen Wiberg of Denmark created the app, Be My Eyes, which assists visually impaired citizens of our world. Episode 136

Larry Grummer-Strawn promotes dignity of life and the health and wellness by serving the vulnerable worldwide. Larry is with the World Health Organization, episode 59.

Cody Unser is a paralyzed advocate for women with disabilities across the continents. She works to improve the quality of life for people living with disabilities.  Episodes 94 and 95

Michael Perrera, former Broadway dancer, is now a life coach moving you from Fear into Miracles. Episode 68, 108 and 185

20 year old Kehkashan Bosu, advocates for children’s rights improving the situation of vulnerable children. Episode 104. Javier Robles, professor of Rutgers University lobbies for better laws and human rights and health coverage for people with disabilities. Episode 112.

Humanitarian and world renowned singing Irish priest, Father Ray Kelly spreads hope as he advocates for human rights and justice. Episodes 18, 19, 109 and 110.

Lars Noah Balderskilde and his husband David Singh, refurbish and resell discarded mid-century Danish furniture episodes 162 and 163.

Sergio Troncoso authors both fiction and nonfiction books, weaving questions of human rights and responsibilities into his stories. Episodes 180 and 181.

Leif Cox is dedicated to habitat protection with an ironclad determination to make a practical and lasting difference for orangutans and other beings on the planet.  Episodes 166 and 168

S. L. Aditya is a 20 year old college student from Southern India who won the Your Positive Imprint Design a T-Shirt International Contest. Episodes 183 and 184.

Music by the legendary Chris Nole. Playing his own compositions dynamically and with passion. Episodes 192, 193 and 194,

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