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Tundra Tours of Norway IS Bernie O’Sullivan

“You don’t need to be a full-time adventurer to have a nice experience in the woods.  Step outside and see what opportunities are around you.” -Espen Lysø

A few months ago I featured Kine and Espen from Norway on my show.  They talked about their adventures into the outdoors amongst other fabulous positive imprints regarding their dreams, work and being soulmates.   

Kine had this great idea to try a podcast in a unique fashion.  I’m doing just that!  They are out in their home country of Norway adventuring in the outdoors and my show is featuring their activities!!

Experience Norway’s outdoors during this podcast.  It features Espen and Kine along with their tour guide, Bernie of Tundra Tours. 

Bernie, once on a mission to enjoy the outdoors on holiday instead found himself as an appointed guide.  A guide for free to English speaking travelers into Norway’s outdoors.

The ‘guiding’ experience which was fulfilling left Bernie with only one option.  Become one.  So he did.  Bernie IS Norway’s Tundra Tours.

Bernie’s passion is to not only provide an awesome experience for visitors.  But he also teaches backcountry skills, survival skills, etc., and provides wildlife and vegetation identification.  

His core values are those of family and respect for the outdoors.  These are ethics that he instills through role modeling and conversation on every tour.

Learn about the beaver in Norway.  Listen to Kine’s perspective on canoeing and sleeping in tree tents.

Follow their expedition as they canoe down a river.

Come on the journey with Bernie of Tundra Tours, and Espen and Kine! 

Listen to the podcast and have fun!

Check out my blog where you can view videos of the outdoor adventures.

Check out the videos on my blog!!

Click here to listen to the first podcast with Espen and Kine

Bernie’s Website


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