Storytelling. An art of imagination!!

Storytelling is a Development of Characters

Storytelling is a unique way to tell a story!

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Elaine Muray was born in Western Pennsylvania. 

My father was a small town barber and he collected characters.  There was the man from the steel mills and there were educators, lawyers, the local hobos and the men from the Mennonite church. Over the years as I became witness to some of their stories I got interested in writing about my barbershop experiences.

Through this art I develop characters and stories and I work hard on transitions. Physical transitions.

Each of the characters has to be very distinct physically from each other.  They have to interact with each other very quickly.  

I travel internationally to tell stories using my art which I studied for years.  

Storytelling brings the story and characters to life.  


Website:  Elaine Muray

Vimeo Video Elaine Muray King Arthur  (Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnall from award-winning DVD, Embodied and Enchanted)


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