Fix YOUR Sentimental Treasures. Visit a Repair Cafe

Repair YOUR Treasures Down Under

What sentimental treasures are hanging at your home?  Do you have treasures broken that are sitting in a drawer?  Or, yikes, do your broken or torn treasured belongings make their way to the landfills ?   

Ah heck, some items are just practical!  Take for instance a vacuum or a phone! Unfortunately, when they break, our throw-away society is to trash and replace them.  Well don’t toss those items; fix them!! 

Repair Cafes all over the world are keeping items from going into the landfills.  They also teach problem solving in how to fix items.

“In terms of skills and experience in getting a problem solved and trying to work through the problem I think that we are sort of developing a society that is getting less opportunity to do that.” – Andrew, founder of North Balwyn Repair Cafe, Melbourne Australia

“Those of us who fix and mend are all volunteers and we work full time.  But this is something that we can continue to do.  It’s social but it’s also a great cause.” – Anne, event coordinator, North Balwyn Repair Cafe

Patrons of North Balwyn’s Repair Cafe in Melbourne, Australia share their thoughts on why they utilize Repair Cafes.  You will be pleasantly amused with some of the items repaired and mended. 

Welcome mates to Your Positive imprint!                                                                            Andrew Tynan.  North Balwyn Repair Cafe founder.                                                                       Ann Davey. Event coordinator for North Balwyn Repair Cafe. 

Patrons and volunteers: Albert, Di, Sally, Manny, Mina.

“The Repair Café was initiated by Martine Postma. Since 2007, she has been striving for sustainability at a local level in many ways. Martine organised the very first Repair Café in Amsterdam, on October 18, 2009. It was a great success.” – Repair Cafe

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  1. Gwen Stephen on 04/22/2022 at 5:02 AM

    I have several pieces of electrical equipment which I wish to dispose of, if possible either for parts, or to be repaired and given away. I am in Camberwell. Are they of use to you, and if so where can I leave them, and when.

    • Catherine on 04/22/2022 at 3:13 PM

      Hello there Gwen. I will get this message to the different Repair Cafes and volunteers. Thank you so much for listening and responding and participating!! I’ll be in touch directly.

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