‘Reading Partners’ Tutor & Journalist Matt Bracken unlocks student potential

Struggling Readers Find Support from Journalist Volunteering with ‘Reading Partners’

Matt Bracken is a young senior editor for a Washington, D.C. based publication.  He also volunteers with Reading Partners as a literacy tutor for struggling readers.  His positive imprint is impressive as he chooses to help students succeed at a school that needs his services but is located a long distance from his own community. 

Matt does not see his volunteer work with Reading Partners as a service but rather an opportunity.

“It’s an opportunity to be a part of a community that would never even be in my path.  I see passionate people trying to make their community better and my tutoring allowed me to see that.”

He says, “I am lucky and I think other people should be as lucky to be able to see a place that does need a little bit more love.”

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