Mumbai, a city of dreams. Mine came true. Ghulam Jilani Quadri

In Mumbai Dreams Do Come True

Mumbai is a place of dreams for Indians.  People come here, reside here.  Furthermore it’s called a multicultural city where people from all different States reside here.  The city has many different cuisines with diverse foods and culture.  It has untraditional areas for studying, as well as study centers.

 When Ghulam was a child he was brought up in the care of his grandparents, uncle and aunt.  In India, it is important to work hard in academics so that one can work and have a good career.  

For this reason, Ghulam Jilani was sent to boarding schools.  It was a place where he learned how important life was and also the academic world.  

Ghulam Jilani grew up as a law abiding citizen, but also financially unstable.  His family didn’t have much money being farmers.  In fact, after boarding school and into college years Ghulam Jilani found it hard to concentrate on his studies.  The noises and inability to concentrate brought him to Mumbai.  

It was in Mumbai that he met two gentlemen who changed his life.  

Ghulam Jilani Quadri

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