Memoirs of a Singing Military Pilot. Milton Herman

Our elders are our history. Milton Herman is part of our history. He lived through the Great Depression and several wars. As a result he has stories to share.

He’s a career Air Force pilot. Consequently a war vet. He says, “we’re risk takers so there’s an anxiety. You know what you’re training for.

Along the way Milton became a flight instructor leaving positive imprints and instilling values and morals within his students.

Milton Herman is also a singer. He sang for a presidential inauguration!

He is the singing military pilot and at 90 years old he’s now taken up piano!!

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As I mentioned in January, the World Health Organization (WHO) has named 2020 as the year of the nurse and midwife. And it’s a good time to thank our medical professionals worldwide.

I know some of my listeners are nurses and I’d like to mention a few of you.

Thank you to Espen of Norway working in the E R diligently. He was a guest on my show last year and talks about life in the outdoors. He also shares how and why he became a nurse. You can listen to that episode on any podcast platform or from my website here:

Carmen of United States works in the oncology unit.

Earlene of the United States is any emergency response nurse.

And Dr. Laurena is a medical practitioner practicing in Hong Kong. She will be a guest on the show at a later time.

Stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors!

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  1. Pat Fowler Farris on 03/23/2020 at 3:29 PM

    Wow!!! I can’t wait to listen to this but I have to wait for my family so we can listen to it together tonight after dinner. So excited!! I know this family and Milton is a great husband, Dad and friend!! So happy this is documented and can’t wait to learn more about his interesting life.

    • Catherine on 03/23/2020 at 6:28 PM

      Oh how wonderful!! I know you will just love his positive imprints. It was just a joy to have spent an afternoon with he and his family. Thank you for listening!!

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