Mack Bailey, Music Therapy Empowers Veterans Suffering From PTSD

This part 2 episode features more Mack Bailey music and incredible stories of veterans and how music changed their lives.

Music therapist Mack Bailey empowers veterans suffering from PTSD with music and songwriting. Mack became fascinated with the brain and the use of music therapy to help heal people with PTSD.  His studies as a certified music therapist started Mack on his journey to heal veterans and others. Fabulous music and stories.

Music is one of the few things that incorporates the entire brain simultaneously. You have the capability of actually rewiring the brain through music and not many other modalities allow you to do that.

Mack also showcases Stephanie Dubick’s story with her lyrics in which he composed and plays the piano music for, “When the Stars Come Out.”


  1. Barbara Ofenstein on 07/25/2020 at 8:10 PM

    Catherine, thanks for the 2nd with Mack Bailey. My husband and I first met Mack at the first John Denver Tribute Show in Aspen, CO. Over the years he has become a performer unto himself. He sand at our 50th wedding anniversary party. I have travelled to concerts all over the Country and gotten to know his own music remotely Thur my connection to John Denver. Those Veterans who are blessed to work with him are blessed. Mack is a genuinely a kind and caring man, always with a smile and never is too busy to talk to his fans after a show and he never forgets you. He generous approach leaves a positive imprint On my life,

    • Catherine on 07/27/2020 at 1:48 AM

      Barbara, I thank you so much for listening and also providing feedback. My guests are genuine and of course Mack Bailey is authentic, personable, and an amazing positive imprint globally. I am so glad that you have had wonderful experiences throughout the years getting to know him and his music. We are all blessed. Thank you again for listening to Your Positive Imprint. What’s Your P.I.?

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