Human rights. What IF…?

Inspiration Monday! Human rights activists share their global work with hi-lites and quotes from their full Your Positive Imprint episodes. “Human rights. What if…?”

  • Victoria Sanchez, always rising to the challenge as my mom, an educator, scientist, mentor, outdoor trail volunteer, and, well, she’s my mom and she is exceptional. Episodes 23, 77, 124
  • Musician and humanitarian Tony Escoto recounts his mom’s escape from El Salvador. Ep. 106. “Nunca se deje por vencido. Siempre sea luchador y soñador.” Never give up. Always be a fighter and a dreamer.
  • Human rights activist Shelley White is professor at Simmons university, in boston and director of the master of health and health equity. Ep. 34
  • Hans Jørgen Wiberg of Denmark created the app Be My eyes which assists visually impaired citizens of our world. Upcoming episode.
  • Larry Grummer-Strawn promotes health and wellness by serving the vulnerable worldwide. Larry is with the World Health Organization. Ep. 59
  • Cody Unser is a Paralyzed Advocate for women with disabilities across the continents. Cody also provides scuba diving programs and training for paralyzed citizens. Eps. 94-95.
  • Javier Robles professor of Rutgers University lobbies for better laws and health coverage for people with disabilities.  Ep. 112
  • Humanitarian and World renown singing Irish priest, Fr. Ray Kelley, spreads hope as he advocates for human rights and justice. Eps. 19, 110 and the 2020 Christmas end-of-the-year message of hope.

Human Rights. What if…?


  1. Terry T on 07/27/2021 at 2:22 AM

    Fabulous program. Thank you, Catherine, and thank your mom for the great idea.

    • Catherine on 01/04/2022 at 5:37 PM

      Terry, Wow! I can’t wait to share with my mom your comment. She will be thrilled. I particularly liked this episode because I worked on it with my mom and husband. We enjoyed going through the different quotes from episodes during our drive into Colorado, USA. Thanks for listening!

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