Global Food Security. Does it really exist? With Andrew Bracken

Global Food Security. Kenya and Mozambique

Global Food Security

Andrew Bracken creates public and private partnerships to invest in sustainable agriculture for small farmers across the globe. Moreover he collaborates with entities across the continents. Furthermore it’s about global food security on a planet where climate change is affecting food supplies. For this episode he discusses partnerships with Kenya and Mozambique.

Farmers in Northern Kenya are at the leading edge of those noticing climate change. The farmers in this Kenyan region are herders. Unfortunately the farmers don’t have the money or resources to move their animals during droughts. Therefore the animals can starve, become diseased and die. However, partnerships through Feed, the future partnering for innovation provides tools to mitigate the impact of climate change. Andrew discusses the innovative technology that helps farmers.

One of those tools is a satellite. NASA and the European Space Agency are responsible for the satellite. These satellites send data to an institution in Kenya which interprets that data. The data us used to build an algorithm that shows whether or not there’s available pasture and where it is located. The farmers, through the use of an app., can locate those pastures. Insurance and grants have helped pay to move the animals.

Mozambique is a large country both geographically and in population. It has been hit by two major cyclones; Idai and Kenneth. Whereas half of Mozambique’s cereal production is gone. Andrew and the Partnership for Innovation work to provide seeds to the farmers for the next growing season. That horticulture growing season starts in December. In the meantime the partnership is assisting in finding ways to provide food aid. The farmers there have lost everything.

Andrew Bracken’s and Partnering for Innovation’s approach creates the conditions for sustainable success.

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