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Glassblower – Water Fire Breath

David Royce and Michael Boyd were mesmerized with the authentic and romantic art of glassblowing from an early age.  Of particular interest was the water, fire and breath of the glasssblower that drew them in.  Furthermore, a pot where molten melted glass awaited the artisan to transform it into a breathtaking piece of art.

History places this amazing craft of glassblowing almost 2,000 years to the Syrians.  Subsequently the art spread worldwide.

Without a doubt the art remains magnificent today.  However, the carbon footprint is a challenge with the transportation and use of natural gas, etc.

For David Royce and Michael Boyd, sustainability and affordability have always been their mission.  How they accomplished it was a challenge. Michael and David found ways to provide sustainable light fixtures to customers through their innovative actions.

Their values necessitate that all of what they have accomplished is worth it.  Those positive imprints are not just theirs alone but also their  community of glass recyclers.

All of Bicycle Glass, Co. fixtures are from post-consumer glass.  Waste not want not.  Plus, mistakes  are remelted.

David and Michael reduced their carbon footprint thereby conserving energy in all of their production. By using renewable wind energy to offset all electricity usage, their studio is nearly carbon neutral.  In addition they also use 100% post-consumer recycled packaging.

They understand that sustainable products can be expensive.  Therefore, their high-quality, handmade glass products are within reach.  After all, their community of recyclers provides the opportunity to practice sustainability and produce exquisite hand-made lighting by an authentic glassblower.

The two share their stories of what it means to be a glassblower.  In addition they share their innovations of becoming sustainable for the planet.

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