Seeds of Creativity From Child’s Play. Filmmaker Ryan Denmark

Light Horror Filmmaker Ryan Denmark

Filmmaker Ryan Denmark:  Hell’s Heart, Romeo and Juliet vs the Living Dead, and Plush are horror films, directed and written by Ryan Denmark.  (Plush was co-written with Jason Witter.)

Horror filmmaker finds imagination from his childhood seeds of creativity.  Growing up, Ryan Denmark and his sister spent their time creating their own universe through pretend play.  They enjoyed a pure sense of entertainment which birthed Ryan’s entertainment career.

Ryan began his career as an editor whereby self-learning the skills of the trade. World renown editor Barry Alexander Brown discovered Ryan’s editing talent.  (Do the Right Thing, MalcolmX, Inside Man)

He established himself as an editor in the film industry when he was part of Spike Lee’s editing team.

With a vivid imagination and excellent screenplay writing skills, Ryan began producing his own films.  As a filmmaker he won awards at various film festivals.

His winning films in which Ryan wrote and directed were: Hell’s Heart, Romeo and Juliet vs the Living Dead, and Plush are horror films.  (Plush was co-written with Jason Witter.)  His films are light horror and sometimes comedic and entertaining to watch.

Recently he was assistant producer for several of the episodes of the Netflix Scy Fy hit, Happy.  

Catherine, your host of this podcast and also a script supervisor worked with her featured guest, Ryan Denmark on several films.


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