Is your holiday meat certified humane and organic? Deck Family Farm

Humane Handling. Is this important for the Taste?

Christine Deck of Deck Family Farm says that humane handling is good for the animal and good for the flavor of the meat. Deck Family Farm practices a long-term approach in developing a sustainable livestock operation. Specifically they generate soil fertility through the natural cycles of composting. 

Additionally they are stewards of the earth so they manage grazing which includes seeding a variety of grasses. But also they believe a healthy ecosystem includes predators. 

Most importantly they practice humane handling and also have a certification to show for it.

Moreover, Christine Deck shares her farming model of no pesticide or herbicide use.  

Christine believes the following are some of the reasons for Deck Family Farm’s success:

  1.  environmental stewardship
  2. humane handling
  3. transparency and sustainability both environmentally and monetarily
  4. organic farming

Christine also explains the different farm certifications such as free range, humane certified, etc.

These certifications are surprising and not easy to obtain.

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