Nature Artist Celia Cortez rejected corporate money to honor nature

Nature Artist, Celia Cortez

Nature artist Celia Cortez moved from corporate America to a full-time artist.  She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico which is known as the “city different.” Artists from around the world reside in Santa Fe where they exhibit their craft.

There is a special place called Canyon Road in Santa Fe.  This subdivision is well-known for its cultural architecture with an acacia flowing through.  Celia finds peace and tranquility along this acacia but also other places in nature.  She hikes and spends time getting to know what she is looking at.

For Celia, being in nature takes a keen eye.  When she sees a flower where the petals are falling off she contemplates how she can showcase this in her drawings.

She finds beauty in the whole process from life to death with flowers.  It’s amazing but even more so in how she honors nature.  There is life and death in nature and it is beautiful.

Listen how Celia moved from corporate money to full-time nature artist.  She is inspiring so many including the elderly at an assisted home where she teaches them the art of drawing. 

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Nature Artist Celia Cortez
Nature Artist Celia Cortez



  1. Marion Owen on 09/23/2019 at 5:51 PM

    Such a powerful message to help others with your gifts. And the value of creativity… and to follow what you are supposed to be doing on earth. Thank you for this interview.

    • Catherine on 10/01/2019 at 3:17 AM

      Marion, I am so glad that you enjoyed this episode. Yes, Celia certainly shared a great message. Thanks for listening!

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