Evidence-based Medical Practitioners. A Client-centered Approach. Chris Hovorka

Chris Hovorka, Midwestern University, transforms clinical practice for people with orthoses, prosthesis to a client-centric approach improving quality of life. Chris’s goal is to graduate evidence-based practitioners (clinician scholars) by transforming university school curricula worldwide and moving towards client-centered approaches. It’s about valuing the client’s lifestyle, medical conditions, needs, as part of a personalized plan of care.

Transitioning To A Client-Centric Approach In Orthotics and Prosthetics. Dr. Chris Hovorka

Skeletal muscles are the most prevalent in our bodies and what we rely on every day to move. Dr. Chris Hovorka, orthotist and prosthetist, trains people to exercise with a goal of providing stability without limiting mobility. Chris’s research at Midwestern University is to transform clinical practices for people with external orthoses, prosthesis to a client-centric approach to improve quality of life.

Chris Nole. Songwriter, Singer, Piano Artist, Legend

The dynamics in music aren’t about volume alone but how that volume is used by musicians to express themselves through their instrument. Songwriter Chris Nole plays dynamically and with passion. Musically talented, Chris composes jazz, country, pop, rock, the blues…whatever his mood! On Part 2 he shares what he learned from being a member of John Denver’s band and how that experience grew his extraordinary talent to becoming one of the top piano artists today.