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What’s Your P.I.?

What’s Your P.I.?  is my rad tagline.  It’s pretty awesome.  I use it on my show and I also use it around my site.  It simply means, What’s Your Positive Imprint?  

Get inspired!!  What's Your P.I.?  

Enjoy listening to Your Positive Imprint.


Thank you for joining me!

Every positive imprint means something to someone.

I am honored to have you as part of my growing community of listeners.  You will have a positive experience listening to stories from people everywhere.

Remarkable people are leaving their positive imprint on humanity and the earth.  You  don't often hear about these contributions.  Well I want to uncover these positive imprints and share them with you.  Some positive imprints I find in busy bustling cities while others are found in villages around the world.  These positive actions can affect and inspire positive achievements.  The stories will inspire you!!

The purpose of my site is to have a place for you to go where you can listen to my episodes, sign up for email updates, find other links where my podcast may be found and also learn about my show.  You can also read about me and why I'm doing the show.  The Credits page is about the awesome folks who have contributed to my website or show.  My site also helps you to link to my social media.  

Please sign-up for email updates and subscribe to my show!  Thank you.

A new episode is launched every Monday!

New to podcasts? Don't worry!

What other listeners are saying:

"Catherine is a dedicated teacher and with an eye toward development of the whole child.  She’s witty and creative to boot.  Can’t wait for the podcast!!"

Alex Rivera, Colorado USA

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