Meditation and Yoga. What are the benefits? Jennifer Nole

Meditation and Yoga Benefits with Jennifer Nole


Meditation and yoga.  What are the benefits? - with Jennifer Nole

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Jennifer Nole did not grow up knowing yoga or meditation.  Bored one day, she rummaged through her mom’s movies.  Underneath the movies she found a yoga practice video.  Ever since then she was hooked.  Furthermore, she became certified so she can help others.

In addition to regular yoga therapy she works with stroke survivors as well as people who have had brain injuries.  Learn more at:

“I would just like to tell everyone to stay healthy, stay safe, take care of yourselves, treat yourself with compassion; love yourself first in order to love anyone else fully. You have to show up for yourself first. So treat yourself kindly, however that looks to you.” ~Jennifer Nole

Moreover, yoga coach Jennifer Nole explains the benefits to yoga therapy, meditation and holistic healing.

You will enjoy the innocence of how Jennifer fell into Yoga.  What's more she does a meditation at the end of the episode. A nice treat for you so get comfortable!!

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