Wildlife Rehabilitation in Zimbabwe – Tikki Hywood Foundation and the Pangolin

Lisa Hywood of Zimbabwe’s Tikki Hywood Foundation shares her philosophy and experiences in saving Africa’s wildlife. 

“I said to him, ‘why are we counting elephants?’ and he replied, ‘cause you’re going to help move them.’  

The day she counted elephants was the day that changed her life. She realized that if mankind has a common goal, a common purpose, then we can do anything in collaboration.

Her mission in life after that day was to set up the Tikki Hywood Foundation (named after her late father). Furthermore, her focus is to save the lesser known animals.

The pangolin is a scaly anteater mammal. Currently and sadly the pangolin is the most trafficked, poached mammal on the planet.

The pangolin is being plucked from its natural environment and tortured. The ramifications of losing this animal are great.

Tikki Hywood Foundation offers shelter and medical care for any animal brought to the center. 

Lisa does not assign any animal as educational ambassador because ambassadorial animal equals commercialization.  

There are many other avenues to create a better framework for educating people such as holograms, and other uses of technology.

Lisa inspires us to be responsible for what we are doing; the space we are inhibiting; our waste factor.

Get inspired!! Dream and dream big!  

Lisa asks, ‘what did you do today to help our planet and wildlife survive?’

Learn more about the pangolin from the film, “Eye of the Pangolin”.


Learn more about Tikki Hywood Foundation.  https://www.tikkihywoodfoundation.org

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