Human Rights? What is our global obligation?

Human Rights. Where do we begin?

Human Rights. What is our global obligation?

My experiences have left me with questions.

Those questions guide my thinking into what  it means to be a part of a global society that allows access to some and not to others. That’s reflective literally of this question of whose lives matter in the world? Whom do we honor and whom do we fight for as a global society?

Somehow I have to honor the histories that I have become witness to.

I did not wake any Saturday or Sunday except to funeral bells. 

Where Do We Begin? 

Begin with the school teachers because they are dying too quickly to be replaced.

The children I worked with were dealing with such a very different reality from mine.  I grew up fairly sheltered and sort of privileged and hadn’t actually confronted death. 

How does one grapple with that reality?

Shelley K. White, associate professor at Simmons University and a member of WE organization.  This organization empowers change with resources that create sustainable impact.

Shelley White Simmons University

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