The Prizefighter Stands Strong! Kristy Sobel

The Prizefighter IS Kristy Sobel

The Prizefighter continues to stand strong and inspire others.  She is Kristy Sobel.

After surviving an horrific car accident, Kristy Sobel encountered many health issues as a result of that accident.  Following the accident and surgeries, Kristy was told she had about two months to live.  She didn’t know if she had anything left in her as she had fought so hard already.

One day she hit the gas and headed straight for a cement column but fortunately, just before impact she stopped.

She started screaming “I want to live!”  Kristy is a prizefighter.

Following that life changing incident, she boarded an airplane, flew out and sat on the doorstep of the doctor who said to her, “sorry I can’t help you.”

Well Kristy was not going to give up and she told him “if I’m going to die then you’re going to watch me.”

Listen to The Prizefighter Kristy Sobel tell her story from her depths of darkness to becoming ‘The Prizefighter.’  Kristy is a champ and an inspiration globally.  She lives with chronic pain due to the debilitating condition called autonomic neuropathy, and later survived breast cancer.  But she stands strong with courage and her life journey is to inspire and help others.

Not only is she ‘The Prizefighter’ but she is also a distinguished humanitarian ambassador.

Learn more about Kristy Sobel at her website,

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The Prizefighter is helping to change how we deal with pain.

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