A Polar Bear Tapped Me On The Shoulder

The Arctic: Heaven and Hell All In One

Nature Governs The Arctic

Steven Kazlowski of Left Eye Productions, Inc., is a trained marine biologist, naturalist and professional wildlife photographer:

  The Arctic to me, well, it’s Heaven and Hell all in one. It’s either the best place you could ever want to be or you could feel cold and maybe a little scared.  With the situation you are in you could feel either one or the other it seems like. When it’s nice and everything is going right there’s probably not many places like it on the Earth where it is still free and open.  Nature governs it. People like Jack still go out on the land or live on the land and do unique things.  People like him live up here and exist with it.

Jack Lives!

Inupiat, Jack Kayotuk lives in the Arctic:

It was really cold and dark and windy and I started heading back to the camp which was about 60 miles away.  My snow machine was giving me problems but I thought it was nothing so I just kept going. I made it about another 30 miles and the engine blew out. There I was with just my two own feet to walk 30 miles to camp and I had no gear.  And the drinking water had frozen up already.

Polar Bear Guides

Jack and Steve are polar bear guides and they educate tourists on how the bears live and the need to protect them.  Jack recalls a female bear with a broken leg but returned year after year healthier than the last.  Steve tells his story of when the polar bear tapped him on the shoulder.

Listen to the adventures with the Akook Arctic Adventure polar bear guides.

Left Eye Productions photography

Akook Arctic Adventures


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