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Earth to Autism Teams Up With Repair Cafe

Don’t toss it, repair it!! Find a Repair Cafe near you or just start one!

Repair Cafes all over the world are keeping items from going to the landfills. Moreover, the volunteers are happy to fix or mend your sentimental items.

Earth to Autism is a non-profit founded by Dr. Leanne Scalli last year. Scalli’s mission and vision is to provide autistic adults with opportunities to learn and develop skills.

The non-profit funds an Ambassador Training program whereas experts come in and provide the trainings. Hence the adults enrolled develop skills and they walk away with those.

Dr. Leanne Scalli sought different opportunities outside of Earth to Autism for autistic adults to develop an expertise. Repair Cafe offers varied possibilities.

Volunteering for a Repair Cafe develops social skills, conversational skills, problem solving, time management, trade skills, and much more. Dr. Scalli teamed up with Repair Cafe and both non-profits are proving to be successful tools for autistic adults and of course patrons of Repair Cafe.

This podcast features Dr. Leanne Scalli. It also features Elijah, an autistic adult who finds Earth to Autism and Repair Cafe opportunities for success. His interests and skills are in digital media. He creates brochures for Earth to Autism and he managed the interviews for the day of the Repair Cafe event.

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