Britain’s Got Talent Star Father Ray Kelly reminisces memorable audition and family memories

I Didn’t Want to Audition for Britain’s Got Talent

I didn’t really want to do Britain’s Got Talent.  I did not have the courage to get up and sing in front of Simon Cowell. No way!

Well, I ultimately went on the show.

The song the producers and I decided on was Everybody Hurts.

When I finished the song there was a pause for about 3 or 4 seconds. I was thinking Okay.  I walk off the stage and forget this ever happened!

There was just silence.

Singing the song I wasn’t nervous but afterwards I began to shake with just nerves.

Hallelujah was a big hit.  When I look back at Hallelujah I didn’t think I was doing anything great because what I was doing I love doing. It certainly wasn’t the first wedding I sang at.

But the volume of emails and letters that came in after the Hallelujah experience was not something I was expecting. After Britain’s Got Talent  when I sang Everybody Hurts I received more and more emails.

An email that still sticks with me because I remember shaking after I read it is from a woman.  Now I don’t know what part of the world she’s in but she said she had been suffering from chronic pain for years.

She said, “I had my suicide letter written but then I heard you…”

That made me think, oh my God. What is going on here? This is all beyond me really.

We only get one journey and we have to do the best we can.

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