Homeless once. Now, A Rose Called Candace Nicholas Lippman

God Humbled Me So I Could Tell My Story

Candace Nicholas-Lippman. Check out my blog and see photos too! https://yourpositiveimprint.com/blog/rose-called-candace-nicholas-lippman/

Solo performer Candace Nicholas-Lippman struggles with a dysfunctional upbringing. As an adult she struggled with being homeless. She says that her struggles are her strength in standing up for social justice. Today she is a writer and a performer. 

Being a victim is not how she wants to come across in her solo story-telling performances. She wants to inspire you and others through her experiences. “God really had to humble me. This story is really not for ME. It’s not about ME. God is using my talent so that I can tell my story and help change lives.”

Once homeless, but today she is A Rose Called Candace

She performs in October at the United Solo Theater Festival in New York. http://unitedsolo.org/us/2019-arose/


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